Alumni Association

Alumni Association 2017

The Institute of World Politics Alumni Association is an ever-growing dynamic group of professionals whose purpose is to foster communication and provide opportunities for networking and professional development within the IWP Alumni community. The Association also promotes an active and ongoing connection between Institute graduates and current students, staff, and faculty that results in career and business opportunities, shared knowledge, and continued vigilance to protect the freedom of this country.

Through numerous events, fundraising activities, community engagement projects and many other initiatives, the IWP Alumni Association adheres to and furthers the founding principles of the Institution including civic duty, the responsible exercise of power, and utilizing all the tools of statecraft to advance the goals of this Nation.

We look forward to having you join our ranks!

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Alumni Association Officers:

Michael Webber

Schuyler M.
Vice President

Michael McKinney

Ann-Elise Quinn
Director of Events

Jonathan L.
Director of Communication