Active Measures

Active Measures LogoActive Measures is the student-run academic journal of The Institute of World Politics.  

The name of the journal, Active Measures, refers to a set of influence operations and propaganda (disinformation and deception) used by the Soviet Union to persuade and to have a strategic impact.

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Editorial Board, 2014

Marcio CoimbraMárcio C. Coimbra graduated in Law with honors in 2000 from Unisinos in Brazil and is an Attorney specializing in International Law (UFRGS).

He holds an MBA in Economic Law from FGV and Master's in Political Science from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain. In 2000 attended the Program of Instruction for Lawyers at Harvard Law School. He has published five books, as main author and coordinator. With professional experience in the US, Europe and Latin America, Márcio has worked in the private sector, think tanks, political campaigns and multilateral organizations. He has been published in business newspapers and magazines in Latin America and Europe and appeared in several political TV programs. He has lectured at the Catholic University of Brasília for four years. He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and a Master's candidate in Statecraft and International Affairs at IWP.