Why IWP Students/Alumni?

New Student Lunch, February 22, 2013

IWP students are educated by outstanding scholar-practitioners.  They develop excellent analytical skills.  They are trained strategic thinkers, focused problem solvers, believers in loyalty and integrity, and the passion to serve and make a difference.

The students and alumni at The Institute of World Politics are a unique breed, and the few words above give you a quick view of what an IWP graduate will bring to your organization and how they will help you succeed.

Our graduates are currently working around the world in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. They are in the intelligence, defense, national security, homeland security, international affairs, international development, foreign policy, law enforcement and international business community. They are a diverse group from a wide range of backgrounds, but each share a commitment to service, success, being strategic and being able to:

  • Be excellent leaders and team members
  • Use the tools of intelligence, communication, and statecraft in all sectors
  • Strategically analyze and solve complex problems
  • Understand complex global issues
  • Develop foreign language fluency

Our degree programs are designed to provide students with the critical skills in leadership, analysis, strategy, communications, culture, problem solving, and diplomacy to make a positive difference in your organization and in the world. Please click here to learn about our various academic programs and here to see some stories of some of our students and alumni.

IWP Employer Services

White House

Our focus is on building personal and long-term relationships with you and your organization. We want to make recruiting at IWP an easy and completely fulfilling process.

Post a Job or Internship

We want our students and alumni to know about the great opportunities at your organization. Just send your job or internship description to us, and we will send it to our students and alumni.

We will even collect the resumes for you and send them to you after the vacancy closes.

You can post your jobs or internships by sending them to the our Director of Career Services, Derrick Dortch, at ddortch@iwp.edu.

On Campus Recruiting

You are welcome to come to our campus to recruit IWP students and alumni for your organization.  We can assist you in posting a position, collecting resumes and scheduling students for interviews.

To schedule an on campus recruiting session, please contact Derrick Dortch at ddortch@iwp.edu.

Virtual Recruiting

We can set up video interviewing for your organization if you cannot come on campus. Let us know your needs and we will take care of them for you. 

To schedule a virtual recruiting session, please contact Derrick Dortch at ddortch@iwp.edu.

Employer Presentations/Information Sessions

Employers are welcome at the Institute, and we are happy to support any visit. Employer presentations are an effective way to build awareness and provide students and alumni with an overview of your organization, discuss opportunities and your recruiting process and meet with students and alumni. Presentations can be either formal or informal, and we can support any technical or other needs.

To schedule an employer presentation, please contact Derrick Dortch at ddortch@iwp.edu.

Other Services

We are always interested in developing exclusive relationships and programs with employers that will be beneficial to all parties. These include research programs, sponsorships, externships, internships, and more. Let's talk about how we can work together! 

To inquire about other services, please contact Derrick Dortch at ddortch@iwp.edu