IWP US Army War College Fellows

IWP is one of the schools qualified by the Army to host US Army War College Fellows. Their work at IWP has been deemed the functional equivalent of the Army War College experience.

Current Fellows

Meeker USAWCF (2015-2016) 400x500 Chaplain (LTC) Karen L. Meeker
2015-2016 IWP USAWCF

Mercado USAWCF 2015-2016 400x500 LTC Elgin Mercado
2015-2016 IWP USAWC Fellow



Former Fellows

LTC Charmaine E. Betty-Singleton (USAR) LTC Charmaine E. Betty-Singleton (USAR)
2014-15 IWP USAWCF 
LTC (P) Edward P. Chamberlayne COL Edward P. Chamberlayne
2014-15 IWP USAWCF 
CH (COL) Samuel K. Godfrey CH (COL) Samuel K. Godfrey
2014-15 IWP USAWCF 
CH (LTC) William E. Godwin-Stremler CH (COL) William E. Godwin-Stremler
2014-15 IWP USAWCF  
LTC Gladys C. Turnbull (ARNG) LTC Gladys C. Turnbull (ARNG)
2014-15 IWP USAWCF   

Jeff Carter

COL Jeffery A. Carter, USA 
2013-14 IWP USAWC Fellow

Research paper: Download file Overreliance: Logistics Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan 

IWP Eagle

LTC Lisa Courtney, USA
2013-14 IWP USAWC Fellow

John Kallerson

CH (LTC) John L. Kallerson, USA
2013-14 IWP USAWC Fellow

Research paper: Download file National Strategy for Religious Leader Engagements: Interagency Challenges Supporting Combatant Commands 

Alan Pomaville

CH (COL) Alan F. Pomaville, USA
2013-14 IWP USAWC Fellow

Research paper: Download file Religious Advisement: Impact of Religion on Military Operations and Strategic Implications 

Joel Price

COL Joel D. Price, USA
2013-14 IWP USAWC Fellow

COL Brian Mennes

BG Brian Mennes, USA
2013 IWP USAWC Fellow

Research Paper: Download file Security Reform beyond the Project on National Security Reform

Colonel Reginald

COL Reginald "JYD" Bostick, USA
2010-11 IWP USAWC Fellow