Nathalie Vogel

Nathalie VogelNathalie Vogel joined the Kosciuszko Chair at The Institute of World Politics as a fellow in fall 2013, where she conducts a project on Cossack military history.

Ms. Vogel is a German political scientist who has dedicated her career to the defense and the promotion of democracy and democratic movements around the world.

Ms. Vogel was born in a White Russian émigré family, to a French father and a mother of Cossack origin. She was raised in France and studied in Iceland, Germany and Austria. She is a graduate of the Institute of Political Sciences of the University of Innsbruck. Until 2005, she taught international relations at the University of Bonn, Germany. She served as a project officer and consultant for youth and civil society at the NATO Office in Moscow (2005/06).  Ms. Vogel is a political consultant for youth branches of political parties and student movements in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Latin America. She is an advisor to several think tanks in Central Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caucasus.

Her main fields of expertise are intercultural communication and grassroots movements in challenging environments. She also specialized in the studies of far Left and far Right extremism in Germany and Austria. Ms. Vogel is a passionate linguist, reader and traveler. She serves as a reserve officer in the German Air Force and works at the George Shultz National Affairs Training Center (FSI).