Course Readings

National Security Policy Process
IWP 601

Download file 9/11 Commission Report 

Download file 80th Congress, 1st Session July 1947-Tsagronis - Class 3 

Download file A New NSC for a New Administration - Daalder-Destler - Tsagronis-Class 5 

Download file Adams- Politics of National Security Budgets 

Download file Amendments 11-27 

Download file Annual Threat Assessment of the Intelligence Community - Blair - Tsagronis - Class 12 

Download file Beyond Goldwater-Nichols - Tsagronis - Class 13 

Download file Bill of Rights 

Download file Constitution 

Download file Constitution- Tsagronis - Class 1 

Download file Cooper- National Security Pick 

Download file Cooper- NSA Tries Quieter Approach 

Download file Copy of Justice Dept Memo interrogation4-Tsagronis Class 8 

Download file Creating the National Security State-Stuart-Tsagronis - Class 2 

Download file CSIS Commission on Smart Power - Armitage-Nye - Tsagronis - Class 13 

Download file DeYoung- Frenetic White House 

Download file DeYoung- National Security Structure 

Download file Dick Cheney Remarks Enterprise Institute-Tsagronis-Class 9 

Download file Federalist No. 23 - Tsagronis - Class 1 

Download file Forging a World of Liberty Under Law - Ikenberry-Slaughter - Class 13 

Download file Gen McCrystal Address 10-1-2009 

Download file George Washington Farewell Address - Tsagronis- Class 1 

Download file Goss- Security Before Politics 

Download file Hamilton- Federalist 23 

Download file Hastings- Runaway General 

Download file Ignatius- Duel of the Spy Chiefs 

Download file Ignatius- JimJones's Team 

Download file Ignatius- National Security Facilitator 

Download file Ignatius- Speaker vs. Spy 

Download file Ikenberry and Slaughter- final Paper on National Security 

Download file Interrogation of al-Qaeda Operative- 8-1-2002 

Download file Justice Dept Memo Interrogation 1-Tsagronis Class 8 

Download file Justice Dept Memo Interrogation2-Tsagronis Class 8 

Download file Justice Dept Memo Interrogation3-Tsagronis-Class 8 

Download file Justice Dept Memo interrogation4-Tsagronis Class 8 

Download file Kissinger- Team of Heavyweights 

Download file Memo for Rizzo- 5-10-2005 

Download file Memorandum - The 21st Century Interagency Process -Tsagronis Class 6 

Download file Memorandum for Rizzo- 5-10-2005 

Download file Memorandum for Rizzo- 5-30-2005 

Download file National Security and Homeland Security Directive 5-9-2007 

Download file National Security Council and Interagency System-Tsagronis-Class 10 

Download file National Security Presidential Directive 2-13-2001 

Download file NSC 68 -Tsagronis Class 4 

Download file NSPD-1 Organization of National Security Council System -Tsagronis- Class 5 

Download file NSPD-51 National Continuity Policy - Bush - Tsagronis - Class 12 

Download file Policy Formulation Model-Tsagronis - Class 3 

Download file PPD-1 Organization of National Security System - Tsagronis-Class 6 

Download file Presidential Policy directive- 2-13-2009 

Download file Quinn- Gen. Jones and Anonymous Long Knives 

Download file Remarks by Jones- 2-8-2009 

Download file Remarks by President on Nat Security-Tsagronis-Class 9 

Download file Remarks by the President on National Security- 5-21-2009 

Download file Report on Intelligence Capabilities 3-31-2005 

Download file Republican Empire- Walling-Tsagronis - Class 1 

Download file Sanger and Shank- Gates Says US Lacks a Policy 

Download file Security Before Politics - Gross - Tsagronis-Class 7 

Download file Shanker- The New Team 

Download file Speaker vs Spies A test for Obama- Ignatius-Washington Post -Tsagronis- class 7 

Download file Strategic Planning for National Security-Flournoy and Brimley-Tsagronis-Class 10 

Download file Stuart- Creating the National Security State 

Download file The 9-11 Commission Report Executive Summary - Tsagronis - Class 13 

Download file The Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the US Regarding WMD - Tsagronis - Class 13 

Download file The New Team James L. Jones - Shanker - Tsagronis - Class 11 

Download file The Politics of National Security Budgets - Adams - Tsagronis-Class 6 

Download file The Washington Post-Duel of spy chiefs-Ignatuis-Tsagronis-Class 9 

Download file To Serve the President - Patterson - Tsagronis-Class 6 

Download file VP Cheney at AEI- 5-21-2009 

Download file Walling- Republican Empire 

Download file Whittaker, Smith and McKune- National Security Policy Process 

Download file Young- Obama's NSC 

Intelligence and Policy
IWP 605

Class 1

Download file Disciplines and Functions of Intelligence-1 

Download file Godson-Dirty Tricks or Trump Cards  

Download file Joshua Chapter 2 

Download file Principles of War 

Download file Troy-The Correct Definitions of Intelligence 

Class 2

Download file Codevilla-Informing Statecraft 

Download file Courtois-The Black Book of Communism 

Download file DNI Budget Figures-2008 

Download file Shulsky, What is Intelligence Secrets and Competition Among States in Roy Godson, Ernest R. May, and Gary Schmitt (eds.) 

Download file The Constitution 

Download file The Declaration of Independence 

Download file Troy-Quaintness of the US intelligence Community 

Class 3

Download file Bozeman-Politics and Culture in International History 

Download file Bozeman-Strategic Intelligence and Statecraft 

Download file Dornan-The Search for Purpose in American Foreign Policy 

Download file Dornan-US National Security Policy-Retrospect and Prospect 

Download file JFK Inaugural Address 

Class 4

Download file Bruce-How Leaks of Classified Intelligence Helps and US Adversaries 

Download file Gertz- Media and National Security 

Download file Gertz-Spies arrest underscores Beijings bid for agents 

deGraffenreid - The Cox Report

Download file The Cox Report - Overview 

Download file The Cox Report - Contents 

Download file The Cox Report - Detailed Contents 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 1 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 2 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 3 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 4 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 5 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 6 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 7 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 8 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 9 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 10 

Download file The Cox Report - Chapter 11 

Download file The Cox Report - Volume 1 Notes 

Download file The Cox Report - Volume 2 Notes 

Download file The Cox Report - Volume 3 Notes 

Download file The Cox Report - Appendices 

Class 5

Download file Carbonnel- Russian Orthodox Church 

Download file Development of US Intelligence-1751-1992 

Download file Fidler- Britains Spies plan to party like its 007 when MI6 turns 100 

Download file Freidman- Israeili Strategy after the Russo-Georgian War-Friedman 

Download file Gene Poteat Charleston Mercury Article EvidenceTragic Polish Flight Was No Accident 

Download file Glazov- Russian Intelligence and Islamic Terror 

Download file Glazov- Russias Higher Values-Glazov 

Download file Harrison You've Been Warned [FSB-KGB] Jan 11 (1) 

Download file Intelligence Sources 

Download file Long-Searching for Sidney Reilly-The Lockhart Plot in Revolutionary Russia-Long 

Download file Mahnaimi- Israelis Hit Syrian Nuclear Bomb Plant-Sheridan 

Download file McNeilly- Adam's driver was a Spy 

Download file Pacepa- US and Egypt Relations Under Attack 

Download file Powell- How the KGB took over Russia's economy 

Download file Ronay- New NATO Intel Chief Trained by KGB 

Download file Simpson- US identifies Russian Nexus of Organized Crime 

Download file Soldatov & Borogan Russia's Very Secret Services - Analysis 

Download file The Making of a neo-KGB State 

Download file Wellington on Oversight 

Download file Wortzel- PRC Espionage 

Class 6

Download file A Vigenere Tableau 

Download file Bagley- T.H. Interview Eye Spy 

Download file Bergman- Israel's Secret War on Hezbollah 

Download file Code Wheel 

Download file Countertintelligence and Counterterrorism-A US and UK Contrast 

Download file Crossword Puzzle 

Download file CSIS-Russian Organized Crime-1 

Download file Devenney- The Middle East's Most Powerful Spooks 

Download file Dziak- Intelligence, Security Services Structure 2008 

Download file Dziak- Patron Saints of Siloviki 

Download file Dziak- Reflections of a Counterintelligence State 

Download file Eftimiades- Chinese Intelligence Operations 

Download file Enforcement of Federal Espionage Laws 

Download file Illarionov- The Siloviki in Charge 

Download file Mamur- Russia, the FSB Branches Out 

Download file Melman- Inside Intel 

Download file Melman- IAF knocks our Syria Radar 

Download file Melman- Spies Like Us 

Download file Rayment- Britain under attack from 20 foreign spy agenciea including France and Germany-Rayment 

Download file Rodionov-The Evolution of the FSB 

Download file Soldatov & Borogan Russia's Very Secret Services - Analysis 

Download file Spengler- Americans play Monopoly 

Download file Thompson and Lieberman- Special Statement on the Wen-Ho Lee Espionage Investigation 

Download file Wolf- Putin's Rule Threatens 

Class 7

Download file Boghardt- The spy who came in from the cold 

Download file Bruce- Analyzing Intelligence_U.S. Military Intelligence Analysis 

Download file Clark- Intelligence Analysis-A Target-Centric Approach 

Download file Making Analysis More Reliable 

Download file Muller- Intelligence Analysis in Red and Blue 

Class 8

Download file Gerecht- Can't Anyone Play this game-Shirley 

Download file Gerecht- Counterterrorist Myth 

Download file Kahn- The Codebreakers The story of secret writing 

Download file Richelson- The Wizards of Langley 

Class 10

Download file Ainsworth- Sidney Reilly's Report from South Russia 

Download file Debo- Lockheart of Dzerzhinskii Plot 

Download file Long- Searching for Sidney Reilly 

Class 11

Download file Benson and Warner- Venona 

Download file Boghardt Embassy Espionage 

Download file CIA Abstract of Report of Investigation 

Download file Definition of Counterintelligence 

Download file deGraffenreid- Foul Ames 

Download file Director of National Intelligence- National Intelligence Strategy 

Download file Dulles- Great True Spy Stories 

Download file Ehrman- Basics of CI 

Download file Godson- Dirty Tricks or Trump Cards_Ch. 3 

Download file Godson- Dirty Tricks or Trump Cards_Ch. 5 

Download file Hood- Angleton's World 

Download file Joint Security Commission- Redefining Security 

Download file National Counterintelligence Strategy- 2005 

Download file National Counterintelligence Strategy- 2007 

Download file Olson- The Ten Commandments of Counterintelligence 

Download file Peretz- Red Dusk 

Download file Schoenfeld- How Inept is the FBI 

Download file Shulsky- The Future of US Intelligence Counterintelligence 

Download file Stephens- Betrayal and the True Believer 

Download file The Making of a Neo-KGB State- Economist 

Download file US DOJ- Asset Katrina Leung 

Download file US DOJ- Robert Hanssen 

Download file Van Cleave- Foreign Spies Are Serious 

Download file Various Definitions of Counterintelligence 

Class 12

Download file Bennett and Waltz- Counterdeception - Principles and Applications for National Security 

Download file Bruce- Foreign Denial and Deception- Analytical Imperatives 

Download file Davis- A Watchman for all Seasons 

Download file Davis- Stategic Deception and Warning 

Download file Executive Summary of the Report of the Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the US 

Download file Godson and Wirtz- Strategic Denial and Deception 

Download file Grabo- Soviet deception in the Czech Crisis 

Download file Grabo- Strategic Warning The Problem of Timing 

Download file Kay- Denial and Deception 

Download file Sawyer- The Tao of Deception 

Download file Shinn- Anatomy of a Structured Attack 

Download file The Security and Intel Foundation- Felix Dzerzhinsky 1877-1926 The Trust 

Download file Wettering- Counterintelligence - The Broken Triad 

Download file Wolfe- Combating the Managerialist Scourge 

Class 14

Download file Dziak- Islamism and Stratagem The Middle East's Most Powerful Spooks (2) 

Download file Dziak- Core Readings on CI and Deception(With Emphasis on Soviet Union, Russia, and Islam) 

Download file Hanyok- How the Japanese did it 

Download file Ibrahim- How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War 

Download file Ibrahim- Islam's Doctrines of Deceptio 

Download file Kux- Soviet Active Measures and Disinformation 

Download file Shulsky- Elements of Strategic Denial and Deception 

Download file Whaley- Detecting Deception 

Class 15

Download file Implementation of the FISA of 1978--1981_Report together with Additional and Separate Views 

Download file Lewis- A Little Known Court has a Greater Role 

Download file McCarthy- FISA Reform Debacle in the Making 

Download file Olsen Fairplay-- The Moral Dilemma of Spying 

Class 16

Download file Calabresi- Wikipedia for Spies--The CIA Discovers Web 2.0 

Download file Dozier and Goldman- CIA review of Killings finds flaws 

Download file Fingar and Burrows- Global Trends 2025--A Transformed World 

Download file Fleitz, Fred- America's Intelligence Denial on Iran 

Download file Herman- The 35 year war on the CIA 

Download file Heuer- Limits of Intelligence Analysis 

Download file High Confidence Games- The Wall Street Journal 

Download file Hulnick- Fixing the Spy Machine 

Download file Hulnick- Intelligence Reform 2007--Fix or Fizzle 

Download file Hulnick- Keeping Us Safe--Secret Intelligence and Homeland Security 

Download file Klein- Political Hay--Panetta the Spy 

Download file Le Carre- The Madness of Spies 

Download file Lessons of the NIE- The Wall Street Journal 

Download file McCarthy-The Intelligence Mess 

Download file Perle- Ambushed on the Potomac 

Download file Posner- Remaking Domestic Intelligence 

Download file Posner- The Reorganized US Intelligence System of One Year 

Download file Schindler- Defeating the Sixth Column--Intelligence and Strategy in the War on Islamist Terrorism 

Download file Schmitt- Catfights inside US Intelligence 

Download file Schoenfeld- The CIA Follies 

Download file Scoville- Is Espionage Necessary for our Security 

Download file Stein- Former CIA Officer Describes Retribution for Whistle Blowing 

Download file Warrick and Smith- Latest CIA Scandal Puts Focus on How Agency Polices Self 

Download file Zegart- CNN with Secrets 

Ideas and Values in International Politics
IWP 606

Download file Contending Approaches to International Politics 

Download file Is Ethnic Conflict Inevitable? 

Download file Perestroika 

Download file The Bankruptcy of American Foreign Relations 

Download file The Main Problems of International Law 

Download file The Marx-Engels Reader 

Download file The Uncertain Crusade 

Download file Us and Them 

American Founding Principles and Foreign Policy
IWP 608 

Download file Appendix Illustrations of the Tao 

Download file Aquinas, On Politics and Ethics 

Download file Articles of Confederation 

Download file Charnwood, The Rise of Lincoln 

Download file Cicero, Advocate of Stoicism 

Download file Impending Crisis, Three Documents 

Download file Jefferson to Henry Lee (IWP 608) 

Download file Jefferson Rights of British America 1774 

Download file Just War 

Download file Martin Luther King - Letter from a Birmingham Jail 

Download file McCoy, Structure of Political Thought 

Download file McCoy 

Download file Origins of AFP in Revolutionary Era 

Download file Perman and Taylor - Civil War Documents 

Download file Polybius, The Rise of the Roman Empire 

Download file Sidney, Discourses on Government 

Download file Strauss, Natural Right and History, p160-161 

Download file Strauss, Natural Right 

Download file Winthrop, City Upon a Hill 

Download file IWP 608 Progressive readings 

Economic Statecraft and Conflict
IWP 609

Download file Bailey- National Interest vs. National Security 

Download file Center for Data Analysis- If Iran Provokes an Energy Crisis 

Download file Chasen- US Trade 

Download file Ireland- Faux Terrorist 

Download file Javers- Pentagon Preps 

Download file Lacey- Price of Victory 

Download file Poteat- Downside of Globalization 

Download file The Great White Fleet 

Download file US Treasury Department 

Download file Weiss- The Farewell Dosier 

Western Moral Tradition and World Politics
IWP 615 

Download file Cicero 

Download file Strauss - Natural Right and History 

Download file Fortin - Individual Rights 

International Relations, Statecraft and Integrated Strategy
IWP 627 

Week 1

Download file George Weigel Ideals and Illusions 

Download file Richard Cox - The State in International Relations -- General Attributes of States 

Download file Strausz-Hupe Chapter 1 Major Premise of Foreign Politics 

Download file Whittaker Chambers - Witness - Introduction 

Week 2, 3, 4

Download file Arnold Wolfers - Discord and Collaboration - Amity and Enmity among Nations 

Download file Art and Jervis - The Uses and Limits of International Law 

Download file Frederick Hartmann - The Relations of Nations - Ch. 6 and 9 

Download file Henry Kissinger-Diplomacy 1994 Ch. 1 The New World Order 

Download file Henry Kissinger-Diplomacy 1994 Ch. 31 The New World Order RECONSIDERED 

Download file Kenneth N. Waltz- The Anarchic Structure of World Politics- 

Download file Richard Cox - State and Interational Relations - Independence and Liberty 

Download file Richard Cox - The State in International Relations - Sovereignty basic Theory 

Download file Strausz-Hupe Ch. IX 

Download file Walter McDougall - Religion in World Affairs - Introduction 

Week 5

Download file Aristotle- VIII. The Continuum of Alternatives- Classical Theories  

Download file Michael Howard Studies in War and Peace- Ch. 11 

Week 6

Download file Angelo M. Codevilla, American Security-Back to basics 

Download file Bill Clinton 

Download file Richard H. Cox- The state in International Relations. Ch. 26 An American View 

Download file Strausz-Hupe, Possony, Int Rel. Ch. III-Geography and the foreign policy of nations 

Week 7-8

Download file George Weigel Ch6 

Download file Hans J. Morgenthau, Politics Among Nations Ch. 16 International Morality 

Download file Pangle 

Week 9

Download file Carnes Lord - American Strategic Culture Comparative Strategy, 5, 1985 

Download file Murray and Grimsley - On strategy 

Download file Robert Strausz-Hupe and Stefan Possony - International Relations-Ch. VII  

Download file The Limits of Foreign Policy 

Week 10

Download file Colin Gray - Arms control does not control arms, Orbis, summer 1993 

Download file Edward Luttwak - The Missing Dimension 

Download file Frederick H. Hartmann The Relations of Nations Ch. 12 International Organization- settling dispute 

Download file Frederick H. Hartmann The Relations of Nations. Ch. 11 Cse studies in the settlement of disputes 

Download file Frederik H. Hartman - The Relations of Nations, ch 14 Arms Control and Disarmament 

Download file Hans J. Morgenthau - The Future of Diplomacy 

Download file John Lenczowski, Washington Times, 1987 

Download file Joseph D. Douglas, Jr., Ch 6 Cheating and Deception 

Download file Joseph D. Douglas, Jr., Cp 4 Arms control in Soviet Strategy 

Download file Kenneth A. Oye- The Mitigation of Anarchy- The Conditions for Cooperation in World Politics 

Download file Robert Strausz-Hupe and Stefan Possony - International Relations-Ch. II The functions of diplomats 

Week 11

Download file Baruch Hazan, Soviet Impregnational Propagandam Ch 1, 2, 11 

Download file Carnes Lord - The past and future of Public Diplomacy 

Download file Frank Barnett and Carnes Lord - Political warfare and Psychological Operations 

Download file Hans J. Morgenthau - The Ideological Element in International Policies 

Download file John Lenczowski - Cultural Diplomacy, political influence and integrated strategy 

Download file John Lenczowski - Themes of Soviet Strategic Deception and Disinformation 

Download file Robert Strausz-Hupe and Stefan Possony - International Relations-Ch. XIII-XIV Propaganda and Political Warfare 

Download file Robert Strausz-Hupe and Stefan Possony - International Relations-Ch. XV Ideas, Ideologies and Foreign Policies 

Week 12

Download file Michael Howard - Military Power and International Order 

Download file Robert J. Art - The Four Functions of Force 

Download file Samuel B. Griffith - Sun Tzu, The Art of War 

Week 13

Download file Abram Shulsky, Silent Warfare, Understanding the World of Intelligence, Ch. 1 What is Intelligence 

Download file Abram Shulsky, Silent Warfare, Understanding the World of Intelligence, Ch. 2 Spies, Machines, and Libraries 

Download file Abram Shulsky, Silent Warfare, Understanding the World of Intelligence, Ch. 3 What does it All Mean 

Download file Abram Shulsky, Silent Warfare, Understanding the World of Intelligence, Ch. 4 Working Behind the Scenes 

Download file Thomas F. Troy, The Correct Definition of Intelligence 

Week 14

Download file Abraham Lincoln - Gettysburg Address, 1863; Second Inaugural, 1865 

Download file Alexander Hamilton - The Depreciation of Forms 

Download file Charles de Gaulle, The Complete War Memoirs of Charles de Gaulle, Vol I-III, Ch 7 Departure 

Download file Complete Speeches of W. Churchill - Be Ye Men of Valour 

Download file Complete Speeches of W. Churchill - First Speech as Prime Minister 

Download file Complete Speeches of W. Churchill - The Few 

Download file Complete Speeches of W. Churchill - Their Finest Hour 

Download file Complete Speeches of W. Churchill - We Shall Fight on the Beaches 

Download file David A. Baldwin - Economic Statecraft, Ch 2 Techniques of Statecraft 

Download file David A. Baldwin - Economic Statecraft, Ch 3 What is Economic Statecraft 

Download file David A. Baldwin - Economic Statecraft, Ch 4 Thinking about Economic Statecraft 

Download file Edmund Burke - Thoughts on French Affairs 

Download file George Weigel - Ideals and Illusions, Afterword, The Responsible Superpower 

Download file John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address, 1961 

Download file Norman A. Bailey and Carnes Lord - On Strategic Economics 

Download file P.T.Bauer - Equality, The Third World and Economic Delusion, Ch 4 Western Guild and Third World Poverty 

Download file P.T.Bauer - Equality, The Third World and Economic Delusion, Ch 5 Foreign Aid 

Download file P.T.Bauer - Equality, The Third World and Economic Delusion, Ch 10 The Lesson of Hong Kong 

Download file Robert Kagan - American Power, A guide for the Perplexed 

Download file Robert Strausz-Hupe and Stefan Possony, International Relations-Ch. XIX Economics as a Weapon 

Download file Ronald W. Reagan, Address Before the House of Lordsm June 8, 1982 

Download file Truman - Modern History Sourcebook, The Truman Doctrine 

Download file Two Projects of Castlereagh on the Method of Opening Congress, Vienna, September 1814 

Download file Woodrow Wilson - War Message to Congress, April 2, 1917 


Download file Tasks of the Youth Leagues 

IWP 633 

Download file Army Field Manual 

Download file Byman- Deadly Connections 

Download file Media & Terrorism 

Download file Pratt- Terrorisms Evolution 

Download file Realuyo- Following the Terrorist Money Trail 

Download file Terrorism and the Media Revolution 

Download file Weimann - New Terrorism and New Media 

Download file US National Intelligence: An Overview, 2013 

Download file 2011 NCTC Radicalization Framework 

Download file CIA Usama Bin Laden Profile 

Download file Cox - The Struggle against Global Insurgency 

Download file Cullison - Inside AQs Hard Drive 

Download file Greene - Comparative Revolutionary Movements 

Download file Gurr - The Coercive Balance Diagram 

Download file Habeck - Templeton Lecture on Al Qaeda 2014 

Download file JFQ - Global Insurgency - Pro-Con Intro 

Download file John Miller's 1998 Interview With Osama Bin Laden 

Download file Kydd and Walter - The Strategies of Terrorism 

Download file Morris - Al Qaeda as Insurgency 

Download file Mosser - The Dangers of Mistaking Coherence for Capability 

Download file Rapoport - Four Waves of Modern Terrorism 

Download file Reitman - Jahar's World 

Download file Sageman - Understanding Jihadi Networks 

Download file Terrorists in Their Own Words 

Download file World Islamic Front - Statement of Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders 

Download file Zawahiri denounces reforms 

Geography and Strategy
IWP 634

Download file Allard- Information Warfare 

Download file Andre- National Culture and Warfare 

Download file Barnett 

Download file Bate- Water, Water 

Download file Black- Mapping the Past 

Download file Boot 

Download file Bozeman- Politics and Culture in International History 

Download file Brzezinski- The Choice 

Download file Burrows- Deep Black 

Download file Butts- Environmental Security 

Download file Butts- The Strategic Importance of Water 

Download file Chodakiewicz - Environmental Battleground, Poland 

Download file Clem and Chodakiewicz- Poland Divided 

Download file Collins- Military Bases 

Download file Collins- Natural Resources and Raw Materials 

Download file Dodge and Kitchin- Mapping Cyberspace 

Download file Elhenfnawy- Four Myths about Space Power 

Download file Galgano- FM3010 

Download file Garfinkle- Geopolitics 

Download file Gillingham- European Integration 

Download file Goure- Information Revolution 

Download file Grau and Jorgensen- Beaten by the Bugs 

Download file Hall- Stray Voltage 

Download file Hansen- The Immutable Importance of Geography 

Download file Kassebaum- Telecommunications Terror Scenarios 

Download file Lambakis- Space Weapons 

Download file Mackinder- The Geographical Journal 

Download file McDougall- Why Geography Matters 

Download file Oberg- Toward a Theory of Space Power 

Download file Owens- In Defense of Classical Geopolitics 

Download file Padfield- Maritime Supremacy 

Download file Palka- Geographic Information in Military Planning 

Download file Peele- The Importance of Martime Chokepoints 

Download file Peters- Our Soldiers, Their Cities 

Download file Rattray- Strategic Warfare in Cyberspace 

Download file Sicherman- The Revival of Geopolitics 

Download file Thompson- Imperial Knowledge 

Download file Zawodny- Nothing but Honour 

Download file Zubrin- Getting Space Exploration Right 

Recommended Reading, IWP 634

Download file Bate- Water, Water 

Download file Blouet- The Imperial Vision of Halford Mackinder 

Download file Cascio- Future Intelligence Augmentation 

Download file Craig- Maps and Social Media 

Download file Cropsey and Milikh- Mahan's Naval Strategy 

Download file Economic Warfare Subversions 

Download file Edwards- Kipling and Mackinder 

Download file Fettweis, 2003 - Revisiting Mackinder and Angell 

Download file Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Part 1-Conquest and War 

Download file Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Part 2- Famine and Death 

Download file Gentile- A Strategy of Tactics 

 Download file Hilpert- World Forum Looks to Replenish Ideas As Era of Abundant Water Dries Up 

Download file Jacobs- Soviet Far East Geography 1930s 

Download file Jaffe- Sea Air Battle vs China 2012 

Download file Joint Operating Environment 2008 

Download file Kadmon- Toponomy and Geopolitics 

Download file Kagan- Why Military History Matters 

Download file Kaplan- The Coming Anarchy 

Download file Kaplan- The Revenge of Geography 

Download file Kemp- The Shale Gas Boom 

Download file Kramer- Mapmakers and Mythmakers 

Download file Linden- The Exploding Cities of the Developing World 

Download file Liotta- Urban Leviathons and International Instabiilty 

Download file Lowenthal- Intelligence Collection in Transition 

Download file Mapping Places in a Volatile World 

Download file Marching off to Cyberwar 

Download file Morrill- Geography and Strategy References 

Download file Norton- Feral Cities 

Download file Packer- Knowing the Enemy 

Download file Peters- The Counterrevolution in Military Affairs 

Download file Rivers and Conflict 

Download file Schrank- Cyberwarfare vs Estonia 

Download file Sempa- Spykman's World 

Download file Sparks- Don't know much about geography 

Download file Stratagem- Piracy and Islam in the Horn of Africa 

Download file The Militarization of Space, Economist 

Download file Vidal- Water Food Scarcity 

Download file Water for farming 

Download file Wortzel on China vs US space power 

Economics for Foreign Policy Makers
IWP 642

Download file Institutional Change 

Download file Institutions_Top_Down 

Advanced Writing and Research Seminar
IWP 643 

Download file 1 - Harris - Evaluating Internet Sources 

Download file 2 - Lowenthal - Intelligence Collection Transition 

Download file 3 - Huggins - Memories Over Time 

Download file 4 - Loftus and Doyle - Eyewitness Testimony 

Download file 5 - Orwell - Politics and English 

Download file 6 - Chodakiewicz - Accommodation Collaboration Resistance in Poland 

Download file 7 - Gelernter - Back to Basics 

Download file 8 - Carr - What is History 

Download file 9 - Kramer and Kimball - Future of European Past 

Download file 10 - Conquest - History Humanity and Truth 

Download file 11 - Stern - Varieties of History 

Download file 12 - Cohen - History and Hyperpower 

Download file 13 - Kirby - Theory in Chaos 

Download file 14 - Shafer - Guide to Historical Method 

Download file 15 - Windschuttle - The Killing of History 

Download file 16 - Kagan - In Defense of History 

Download file 17 - Himmelfarb - Denigrating the Rule of Reason 

Download file 18 - Wood - The Losable Past 

Download file 19 - Pinkney - American Historians European Past 

Download file 20 - Stone - Revival of Narrative 

Download file 21 - Abrams - History Sociology Historical Sociology 

Mass Murder Prevention in Failed and Failing States
IWP 649 

Download file Bauer and Reich 

Download file Between Nazis and Soviets into and concl 

Download file Chodakiewcz Between Nazis and Soviets[1] (mchodakiewicz v1) 

Download file Conquest and Fisk 

Download file Dalin and Rychlak 

Download file DR of Congo genocide 

Download file Finch and Lemkin 

Download file Gareth Evans on national sovereignty and genocide 

Download file Genocide in the Old Testament 

Download file Genocide Prevention under Obama 

Download file Guenter Lewy on Armenian Genocide 

Download file Kolbert and Rummel 

Download file Lada-Creative Forgetting 

Download file Marja Novak on genocide in Slovenia 

Download file Martin Gilbert on Rabbi Dallin 

Download file Migration Experiences of NK 

Download file Peters and Novak 

Download file PL to the UN on the Holocaust 

Download file President Roosevelt 

Download file Rabbi Dalin on Goldgahen 

Download file Rence - Between South African Crime and Afrikaner Genocide 

Download file Robert Conquest on Stalinist Apologetics 

Download file Robert Fisk on the Armenians 20 May 2006 

Download file Rudling Warfare or War Criminality 

Download file Rummel on Polands democide 

Download file Rychlak vs Goldhagen on Pope Pius XII 

Download file Walter Reich on the Holocaust 

Download file Yehuda Bauer on the Gypsy Genocide 

History of FBI Counterintelligence
IWP 654

Download file Bidwell- History of the Military Intel Division Ch. 5 

Download file Bidwell- History of the Military Intel Division- Ch 3 

Download file Dorwart- In Pursuit of Domestic Enemies 

Download file Dorwart- New Deal for Naval Intel 

Download file Dorwart- Surreptitious Entry 

Download file Ronald William Pelton 

Download file The Guns of August 

Download file The Venona Story 

Surprise, Warning, and Deception: An Introduction
IWP 662

Download file MOP 5-38 Joint Doctrine for Military Deception 

Download file Soviet Operational Deception - The Red Cloak 

Download file Textbook of Political Military Counterdeception 

Counterterrorism and the Democracies
IWP 669

Download file Political Violence, Chapter 10 

Download file The Red Brigades 

Download file Litt and Peters- Diplomacy 

Download file Wither- Engaging Reconcilables 

Download file Harmon- Illustrations of Discrete Uses of Force