Prof. Chodakiewicz elaborates on the genocidal character of the Katyn Massacre

January 18, 2012  |  KOSCIUSZKO CHAIR

In an exchange with diplomatic historian, Professor Emerita Anna Cienciala, Dr. Chodakiewicz has stressed both the genocidal and simultaneously classist nature of the Katyn Massacre of April-May 1940. Katyn constituted a mass slaughter by the Soviet NKVD, on Stalin's direct orders, of almost 26,000 members of interwar Poland's multiethnic and multiconfessional elite, including officers, policemen, and teachers. Prof. Chodakiewicz's comments are a response to Prof. Cienciala's uncertainty whether Katyn may be classified as a genocide, whether classism was a factor, and whether the crime was an attempt to exterminate Poland's elites.

The polemic was published in the most recent edition of the Polish scholarly historical journal, Glaukopis (issue 23-24, 2011-2012, pp. 332-336). 

To read the entire exchange, please click here: Download file Cienciala - Chodakiewicz: An Exchange