Supporters weigh in on the Ten Miler Challenge

October 20, 2010  |  PRESS RELEASES

Why did you support the IWP Army Ten Miler Challenge?

I am delighted to support this endeavor for everything it does to build community and support the cause of improving the facilities for our students.
- John Lenczowski, President

I support IWP's Ten-Miler Team because it shows the public a reflection of what's going on in our classrooms -- professors, staff, and students working together to accomplish great things.
- John Poreba, Student

We want to support our courageous soldiers, improve student services at IWP, and also help our friends stay fit!  It's a no-brainer, for me.
- Dr. Juliana Pilon, Professor

What can I say? It's all about Jim Holmes in shorts.
- Kathy Carroll, Staff

An unhealthy Jim Holmes means paychecks will be late.
Brooks Sommer, Alumnus and Staff

I love the Army, I love IWP, and I wanted to do something small in the interest of our national security!
- COL JT Thomson, Former Army Senior Fellow

I am happy to support a group that goes outside its comfort zone to help others. IWP consistently places itself on the front line of  outreach campaigns.
-Hugh Dempsey, IWP Friend

People who run are an inspiration to fat people like me. 
-Dom Bonaduce

The reason why I donated was simple: the IWP faculty and staff consistently go above and beyond for the students. Donating to the IWP Army Ten Miler was the least I could do to thank them.
- Kelly Darmer, Student

IWP is enobling and inspiring.
-Douglas Streusand, Professor

We wanted 100% participation from our staff, and this is my donation to this effort.
Jim Holmes, Vice President and Army Ten Miler runner

It's not cool to make fun of geriatric patients. Hence, I am going to be positive and support Jim's run.
- Charles Van Someren, Staff and Alumnus

Since April, my wife has been running circles around me as we both train for the Army Ten Miler. We have been following a training schedule that has been a challenge in itself, but it is already rewarding. We are excited to participate in this great event and to represent such a great institution.
- Dominic Luckey, Student

It was a no brainer for me to give a gift to IWP. It was that or run the race myself!
- Jim Dolbow, Alum

I gave to the Army Ten Miler Challenge because not only am I supporting a fantastic cause, but I'm also supporting my fellow students at IWP.
- Nathaniel Thomas, Student

"Great realizations have never been achieved by a single man". My contribution is a way of supporting IWP and the Army Ten Miller Teams even if I am not running.
- Charlotte Bouchot, Student

Every time I went to class last week I saw the fundraising barometer on the wall with its red measurement level, and  I thought to myself, I want to be part of that red. Now I am.
- Cassandra Bales, Student

The Army Ten Miler Challenge has become an annual tradition at IWP, and donating to the cause not only helps the school further its mission, it is also fun to watch Jim Holmes run every year!
-Larry Cosgriff, Alumnus

I contribute to the Army Ten Miler to support the students and faculty who actively show their commitment to IWP.
- Amb. Aldona Wos, Trustee

I gave because we want 100% participation... and the Army always gives US (U.S.) 110%.
-Linda Strating, Staff

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