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Cultural Intelligence for Winning the Peace

Publication Date: 2009

In this anthology, a score of experts in counterinsurgency warfare, cultural anthropology, and strategic communications look at ways in which the study of foreign cultures and cultural phenomena may be used by policymakers, peacekeepers, soldiers, intelligence officers, and diplomats. Exploring areas from HUMINT to information operations, this book presents a modern approach to the ancient art of subduing the enemy without fighting – what Sun Tzu called “the acme of skill.”  {read more}

The Next Founders: Voices of Democracy in the Middle East

By Joshua Muravchik

Publication Date: 25 May 2009

IWP Adjunct Professor Joshua Muravchik suggests in The Next Founders that our best hope for democratic reform in the Middle East may be to promote change from within.  {read more}

The Public Diplomacy Reader

Publication Date: August, 2007

The first in the IWP course reader series, this edited volume provides a look at slices of public diplomacy: the art of communicating with foreign publics to influence international perceptions, attitudes and policies. Like any art form, the real definition of public diplomacy is subjective, and can be the source of lively and often bitter debates.  Rather than attempt to create a specific definition of public diplomacy, The Public Diplomacy Reader takes some of the most insightful and historically significant writings, statements and official documents, from a variety of professional disciplines and political perspectives, so the reader can develop his or her own sense of what the field is all about.  This book makes no pretensions about completeness. The editor found it challenging to keep it under 500 pages of actual text. Here is how The Public Diplomacy Reader is designed to serve the user: To provide in a single volume a useful primer on public diplomacy, straight from some of the leading thinkers and practitioners across time and culture.ISBN: 978-0-6151-5465-7     $34.95 paperback.  $49.95 hardcover.  {read more}

Fighting the War of Ideas like a Real War

Short-term Message Strategies to Combat the Terrorists

Publication Date: 2007

This ground-breaking monograph departs from the conventional view of public diplomacy and international communication in time of war and argues for deploying messages as weapons of attack against the terrorists and other extremists. Proposing an immediate-term strategy that requires no bureaucratic reorganization or major budgetary changes, Fighting the War of Ideas like a Real War is designed for quick implementation in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. The book complements the Defense Science Board's 2004 report on strategic communication, the State Department's evolving public diplomacy strategy, and the joint Army/Marines Counterinsurgency Field Manual FM 3-24 of 2006.  {read more}

The Origins of FBI Counterintelligence

By Raymond J. Batvinis

Publication Date: Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Silence of the Rational Center

Why US Foreign Policy is Failing

By Stefan Halper, Jonathan Clarke

Publication Date: February 2007

This book analyses the process by which US foreign policy is made and asks why it has been ineffective in recent years.  {read more}

Why America is Such a Hard Sell

Beyond Pride and Prejudice

Publication Date: 2007

Why does America consistently receive such low ratings in opinion polls around the world? The answer, as Pilon explains, lies not just in America's overtly forceful actions but in the construction and presentation of its self-image. Scholars and policymakers alike will find Why America Is Such a Hard Sell both a penetrating analysis of America's current efforts in public diplomacy and a prescription for delivering a more appealing self-portrait to the world.  {read more}

Every Vote Counts

The Role of Elections in Building Democracy

Edited by Richard W. Soudriette

Publication Date: Monday, January 1, 2007

“Every Vote Counts carries an underlying message that democracy is attainable on every continent and can help make the world a more peaceful and humane place..... Read this book, reflect on it, learn from it, and use it as you go forward to help return the power to determine a nation’s future to its own people.”  {read more}

Chasing Ghosts

Unconventional Warfare in American History

By John J. Tierney, Jr.

Publication Date: 2006

The turbulent occupation of Iraq has once again embroiled the United States military in an unconventional war. Chasing Ghosts is a study of unconventional warfare in American military history and its implications for the present and future.  {read more}

The Massacre in Jedwabne

July 10, 1941: Before, During, After

By Marek Jan Chodakiewicz

Publication Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2006

On July 10, 1941, the Jewish inhabitants in the small Polish town of Jedwabne were massacred by German policemen and some Polish townsmen and peasants. Chodakiewicz provides us with a criminal investigation of this mass murder. In this detailed study of a small area in Poland, Chodakiewicz examines the conditions that led to the heinous slaughter of Jedwabne's Jewish population. A dominant interpretation of this event depicts the Germans as the perpetrators of the crime while the Poles looked on. An alternative version suggests that the Germans plotted the crime, while the Poles executed the slaughter. The author argues that these two competing theses are not supported by the available evidence. Despite the limitation of sources, Chodakiewicz emphasizes a comprehensive methodology using all available documents, testimonies, oral recollections, and forensic and other physical evidence to reconstruct the history. In addition, Chodakiewicz provides an alternative interpretation to the dominant paradigms concerning Jewish-Polish relations in general and the mass murder in Jedwabne in particular.  {read more}

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