Public Diplomacy and Political Warfare

IWP 637
Four credits

This course examines the history, theories, and methodologies of public diplomacy and political warfare through the 20th Century, and especially during the Cold War, with an eye toward applying lessons to the development of 21st Century public diplomacy and political warfare strategies. The course emphasizes psychological strategy, in which US policies should be calculated to achieve a desired psychological effect. The objective of the course is to help prepare the student to integrate public diplomacy and political warfare with other tools - traditional diplomacy, foreign aid, intelligence collection and covert operations, and military and economic foreign policy - and to condition the student to approach the issue with confidence.

Please note: We recommend that students take Foreign Propaganda, Perceptions and Policy (IWP 631) and Political Warfare: Past, Present and Future (IWP 641) before taking IWP 637.


Semester Available

Spring Semester

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Principal Professor

   David Glancy
Professor of Strategy and Statecraft {read more}