Cyber Intelligence Initiative

About the Cyber Intelligence Initiative (CII)

The IWP Cyber Intelligence Initiative is a professional education program of The Institute of World Politics. IWP CII was designed by business leaders and national security experts to help practitioners and companies better understand how to use intelligence to develop policies and operations that proactively increase security and reduce business risk.


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Cyber Intelligence Initiative Inaugural Conference

This event, which took place on May 24, 2016, included a series of lectures and panel discussions on cyber intelligence, as well as the formal launch of the Cyber Intelligence Initiative. The keynote address was given by General Michael V. Hayden, former Director of the CIA, former Director of the NSA, and Principal at The Chertoff Group, on the topic of "Cyber Security: Why Is This (Still) So Hard?" Read more

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Lecture with Lt. Gen Edward Cardon

Lt. Gen. Edward C. Cardon, Commanding General, U.S. Army Cyber Command and Second Army, gave a lecture on "Cyberspace and National Security Issues Today" on Friday, January 29. More information

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Cyber Intelligence Initiative Discussion Series

IWP and INSA hosted the Cyber Intelligence Initiative Discussion Series in October 2015. Read more

IWP Cyber Intelligence Initiative Management Team

Dean Lane, IWP CII Program Manager, is the Senior Vice President for Cyber Intelligence at The Institute of World Politics. He has founded his own company, taught courses at Universities in California, was the Chief Information Officer for multiple companies, worked for a Big Four Consulting firm, and spent his time in the military with the Special Forces. Dean has a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA and a Master's degree in Business Administration from National University. He is the author of three #1 best-selling books related to information technology.

Geoff Hancock, Chairman of the IWP CII Board of Advisors and Founding Board Member, is the Principal at the Advanced Cybersecurity Group.  He has spent 25 years in cybersecurity working with/for DoD, Intel agencies, civilian government and fortune 25 companies.  The organization specializes in cybersecurity operations, Security Operations Centers, Offensive Cybersecurity, Cyber Intelligence and CISO advisory services. Currently, Geoff leads the Threat Modeling task force at the Center for Internet Security and is  Co-Chair of the Cyber Intelligence task force at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance. 

John Tsagronis, Founding Advisory Board Member Professor of Statecraft and National Security Affairs at The Institute of World Politics. He was formerly Senior Adviser for the Special Operations Integration Group of U.S. Special Operations Command/National Capital Region. He joined SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) from the White House, where he was the Senior Director for Policy Implementation and Execution on the National Security Council Staff and reported directly to the National Security Adviser and Deputy National Security Adviser. Mr. Tsagronis is a student of Bates College and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. (Full bio)

CW R. Walker, Founding Advisory Board Member, is a Cyber Analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton where he works with on cyber threat intelligence products. Prior to working at Booz Allen, Mr. Walker was a Threat Research Analyst at a social media cyber security firm where he researched counterintelligence challenges and social network user manipulation. Mr. Walker is a graduate of The Institute of World Politics with a Master's in Strategic Intelligence Studies. He spent his time at the Institute studying cyber warfare, geopolitics, and counterintelligence.

Derrick Dortch, Founding Team Member is President of The Diversa Group, a columnist for The Washington Post, and Director of The Institute of World Politics’ Career Services. He has years of experience working in the business, education, non-profit, and government sectors. He previously worked as Assistant Director for Georgetown University's Career Education Center. He also served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) in various capacities. Mr. Dortch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Masters of Education in Counseling and Student Development from Tuskegee University. (Full bio)

G.S. McNamara, Team Member. With a Master’s degree specializing in Intelligence Technologies and a bachelor’s in Information Security, GS focuses his work on the three areas of Information Exploitation, Preservation, and Monetization™. With practical business experience and a homegrown technical background, he can translate concepts for multiple audiences and understands the partnerships needed to achieve a mission. He has spoken domestically and abroad, and has worked in environments as fast as startups, as small as a sole proprietorship, as large as a Fortune Global 500, and as challenging as DARPA.

Maria Kristina Hayden, Team Member, is currently a Master's student at the National Intelligence University in Washington, D.C. She will graduate from the NIU School of Science & Technology Intelligence in July 2016 with an MS in Cyber Intelligence. Prior to beginning her Master's program, Maria served as an analyst for the Department of Defense focusing on strategic cyber issues in the Western Hemisphere. Maria-Kristina has previously worked tactical and strategic counternarcotics issues for the DoD, operations research for the United States Air Force at the Pentagon, strategic cyber analysis for Booz Allen Hamilton, and as a research assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Patricia Schouker, Team Member, is an energy analyst based in Washington D.C. As a member of Chatham House in London, she worked at Le Figaro in Paris and was a parliamentary assistant and attaché at the French National Assembly. While working for a petrochemical company in London, she wrote her thesis on U.S Foreign Policy towards Terrorism after 9/11 focusing on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

IWP CII Board of Advisors

Geoff Hancock, Chairman of the IWP CII Board of Advisors (See bio above)

John Tsagronis, Founding Advisory Board Member (See bio above)

Carlos Collazo is a Principal Adviser at DuKlaw Ventures, based in Switzerland. Collazo has over 35 years of patented technology innovation, invention and global business development in cyber security, complex systems and related technology areas. Collazo has founded and developed several successful companies with global services and technologies. Additionally, Collazo has been the primary architect of some of the leading platforms in Energy, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Digital Media, Data Sciences, Telecommunications, Education and International Trade for Fortune 500 companies.

CW R. Walker, Founding Advisory Board Member (See bio above)