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PASS:PORT is a new opportunity for US government national security professionals to jump-start their strategic thinking, advance their careers, and more effectively shape their actions in defense of the Nation.

Hosted by The Institute of World Politics, a regionally accredited graduate school of national security and international affairs, PASS:PORT is an accelerated program of weekend retreats in the DC area.

PASS:PORT stands for Professional Advancement for Security Strategists: Program oReducing Threats.

PASS:PORT analyzes the various approaches to identifying and understanding known, emerging and unanticipated national security threats to the US and the full spectrum of strategic instruments necessary to address them. PASS:PORT is designed to challenge the very fundamentals of professional thinking and the overall status quo.

The program offers new insights into present and future threats and what you - the individual practitioner - can do about them. The series of events will allow participants to dig deeply into the issues with an integrated strategy of action designed around the reduction and elimination of future and unanticipated threats.

An underlying theme of PASS:PORT will be how to address multiple threats in a time of budget constraints, force reduction, and strategic realignments.

General PASS:PORT discussion strategy points concern:

  • Cyber Warfare
  • Terrorism
  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Challenges from China and Russia.

Targeted discussions and interactions will focus on the above issues through the following perspectives:

  • Psychological Strategy: What it means and why it is important
  • Threat Doctrine: Early warning about threats and how to turn threats against themselves
  • Strategic Communication: How the US can take and maintain the initiative
  • High Impact, Low Cost US Solutions.

This opportunity is created for and offered exclusively to address the training and professional development needs of the US government civilian community, and will be extended to strategists, foreign affairs and intelligence professionals, and force management and network security personnel.

Please stay tuned for more information about applying to the next PASS:PORT program.