Applying for an IWP Internship

Interns, Spring 2015, Capitol Hill Who may apply

Qualified applicants should be students in good academic standing from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 3.2 GPA (The internship is open to rising juniors and seniors, recent graduates, as well as current graduate students at IWP or another institution). In addition, applicants must have taken introductory studies in history, political science, international affairs, or economics, and demonstrate a serious interest in pursuing graduate studies and/or a career in international affairs, national security, or intelligence.

Application Requirements

The following materials are required of all applicants interested in IWP's internship program. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are finding it difficult to meet one of the requirements listed below, please contact   

  • Completed and signed application: Download file Internship Application 
  • Completed questionnaire (addendum to the application)
  • 1-2 page resume
  • Academic Transcripts (Student copy is acceptable)
  • Essay on professional and educational goals (Typewritten, 500 words)
  • 3-5 page writing sample on a topic related to international affairs, national security, or intelligence
  • Two academic or professional letters of recommendation
  • A copy of your passport

Please submit your application and all related materials to Tim Stebbins, Director of Graduate Recruitment, The Institute of World Politics, 1521 16th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20036. Application materials may also be sent via email to

Deadlines to Apply

Summer 2016
March 10, 2016 

Fall 2016
July 11, 2016

Spring 2017
October 10, 2016