Center for Culture and Security

The Center for Culture and Security is premised on the principle that the pursuit of peace and security cannot be divorced from an understanding of culture, our own and that of others. America, indeed the entire global community, is facing complex, unprecedented challenges that cannot be addressed by military power alone. In order to meet those challenges more effectively, the Center has embarked upon the following projects:

* Ambassadors Forum: regular presentations by current and former Ambassadors, both U.S. and foreign, sharing their experiences, particularly in the areas of public diplomacy and cultural outreach that proved particularly successful. The Forum is chaired by Ambassador Louise Oliver, IWP Distinguished Fellow.

* Abrahamic Conversations: The Interfaith Outreach Narratives (ACTION) Project: focuses on cultural, ethnic, and religious narratives designed to enhance interfaith dialogue and better understanding among the Abrahamic traditions.

* Cultural Intelligence Project (CIP): a resource base for relevant bibliographical and networking information, offering an opportunity to post both currently available and previously unpublished papers.

* Strategic Communication Project (SCP): a comprehensive website on Strategic Communication, to complement regular meetings of the Strategic Public Diplomacy Task Force currently hosted by IWP along with the Heritage Foundation and the Brookings Institution.

* Iran Civil Society Outreach: designed to enhance vigorous discussion concerning the future of democracy in Iran by engaging students, non-governmental organizations, academics, and others, both inside and outside Iran, contributing to a better global understanding of the needs and desires of the Iranian people as they seek greater liberty of expression and political engagement. The project is headed by Amir Fakhravar, IWP Research Fellow, Secretary General of Confederation of Iranian Students, and President of Iranian Freedom Institute.