IWP Internship Experience

John Hoffner 180x180"I first applied for the internship with the expectation that most of the internship would consist of phone calls, database entry, and administrative work, but that it would still be worth the opportunity to work in Washington, D.C. with such distinguished experts in the field of national security. I've never been so excited to be wrong."

- John Hoffner, Summer 2014

Haley Ashcom and COL Brian Mennes"During my time aiding COL Brian Mennes, I conducted research on National Security reform, interagency coordination, successes and failures of AFRICOM, and many other related subjects to help with COL Mennes' publication for Army War College."

- Haley Ashcom, Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Alexander Teague"The relationships I was able to develop... during my internship reflect the intimate yet professional atmosphere that only an institution like IWP can offer. Indeed, one will not find himself spending his days doing battle with a copy machine or seeking coffee for pedantic supervisors; rather, the IWP summer internship is a practical and stimulating educational experience."

-Alexander Teague, Summer 2013

Nolan Napier"I had no idea what to expect from this internship, but... it was a great experience. The program was filled with guest speakers and eye-opening trips to the Holocaust and Laogai museums."

-Nolan Napier, Summer 2013


Mike Kurmlavage"The summer left us with invaluable experience, many fresh concepts to be pondered on the international stage, and friendships sure to last a life time. The IWP summer internship program deserves praise of world-class proportions, and unquestionably will continue to blossom - a windfall for any student of politics looking to accept an internship in our nation's capital."

-Mike Kurmlavage, Summer 2012



"Besides the practical experience my fellow interns and I gained during the internship's hours, we all widened our academic horizons through excellent lectures at IWP and were taught by highly knowledgeable professors who provided us with theories, practical advice and tools that would be very useful in future education or a career."

-Tatjana, IWP Intern Fall 2009



Dr. L and Austin Worth

"The responsibilities of an intern are not insignificant - one minute you may receive and welcome ambassadors at the door and the next field a telephone call from the chairman of the board - but the people at IWP were earnest in showing their appreciation for our work and took a genuine interest in our enrichment and overall well-being while in D.C."

-Austin Worth, IWP Intern Fall 2009 


John Curtis"I decided to intern at IWP because I believed it would offer me the best opportunity both to focus on a research project of my interest and to experience Washington D.C. to its fullest extent. I enjoyed conducting research on the FBI during WWII, producing a paper on the influence of Christianity in America, and researching strategic communications and the U.S. Department of Defense."

- John Curtis, IWP Intern Summer 2009


Anthony Myers"The Institute gave me the opportunity to network with people who are working in the civil service, and as well as people who had an impact on modern history and the modern world."

- Anthony Myers, IWP Interns Fall 2009


Michael Webber"My internship at IWP really helped me bring into focus what kind of career I want. At present, I plan to begin my Master's studies this coming year focusing on intelligence and national security. Ultimately, I would like work on policy issues concerning how failing states affect U.S. national security."

-Michael Webber, IWP Intern Fall 2009


Caitlin Plowfield, Summer 2010 Intern"Interning at IWP provided me with opportunities that were doubtlessly once in a lifetime. I was able to meet individuals who have impacted and continue to shape our country; the caliber of the individuals who walk through the doors of IWP is unmatched. The staff ensured that my experience was directed to my future success, and I can say with all certainty that my summer at IWP was one of the defining experiences of my professional life."

-Caitlin Plowfield, IWP Intern Summer 2010

Caroline Lewis, IWP Intern Summer 2010"The intern program at IWP allowed me to experience the political and historical context for the modern foreign policy and intelligence questions of today. I enjoyed learning and working alongside some of the brightest and most honest scholars and students. The Institute gives all that you would want out of an academic experience, and also provides some of the most fun field trips and events which allowed me to create great memories with my fellow interns!"

-Caroline Lewis, IWP Intern Summer 2010