Meet Supporters of IWP

George Higgs 100Donor Spotlight: Meet IWP supporter George Higgs

"After the Cold War, we thought at one point that we were going to live in a golden age with no problems, but that turned out not to be the case. Today, our nation is in a precarious situation, and faces enemies and challenges all over the world. I think IWP does a good job recruiting and training intelligent people to meet these challenges."

Scott and Lannette Turicchi 2, © Lannette TuricchiMeet IWP supporters Scott and Lannette Turicchi

IWP supporters Scott and Lannette Turicchi lead nonstop lives - Scott serves as President at j2 Global, Inc, a company which offers cloud services for businesses, and Lannette is President at Falling Upwards Productions LLC. Between their jobs and their three children, Scott and Lannette find time to give back to their community.

Bill and Renee LickleDonor Spotlight: Bill and Renee Lickle

"IWP believes that strong, knowledgeable people should be involved in creating our nation's foreign policy, not those shaped by trends in the media or political expediency... I like to keep contact with reality, which is why I like IWP."
-Bill Lickle 

An innovative investor in the Institute: Meet Michael Maibach

Thirty years ago, when IWP supporter and student Michael Maibach was an undergraduate, his fellowship at the Center for the Study of the Presidency (now the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress) helped spark a lifelong interest in politics and international affairs. Now, he's enabled his fellow IWP students to participate in this prestigious program.

David Haynes: "Anyone who believes in this country should support IWP"

IWP has friends and supporters all over the country and from sea to shining sea. Mr. and Mrs. David Haynes are West Coast members of IWP's 1947 Club, which supports student scholarships at the Institute.

Russell HittRussell Hitt: Builder of Bently Hall and benefactor today

If you have ever been inside IWP's library building, you have seen the work of Russell Hitt's company. After Mr. Donald E. Bently purchased the Marlatt Mansion and its adjoining buildings, Hitt Contracting, Inc. conducted an historic restoration of what is now known as Bently Hall.


Benefactor Tom Phillips: "In a dangerous world, ignorance can be costly"

"I've long been impressed by John Lenczowski's vision, drive and determination to launch and grow The Institute of World Politics against all odds. Under John's leadership, IWP takes an entrepreneurial approach to training the nation's next generation of diplomats and national security experts. In that respect, IWP provides a very valuable service to the nation. Certainly, the State Department has a long and dubious tradition of selling this country short and, to paraphrase the late Jeane Kirkpatrick, blaming America first. IWP helps to correct that imbalance through its quality courses, outstanding faculty, and clear mission."

K. Tucker AndersenSupporter Tucker Andersen: Economic understanding is vital to national security

IWP supporter K. Tucker Andersen for years has had a passionate interest in economics, a field recognized by IWP as integrally connected with national security. Tucker, who is a retired portfolio manager and security analyst, shares IWP's philosophy on this connection, particularly in the recognition of the fact that economic strength can mitigate threats to a nation and the need for the use of force.


Pawel ChudzickiA conversation with 1947 Club member Pawel Chudzicki

"The IWP education is very applicable to many forms of international work. A lot of people who come to school here choose government careers, but the values, strategic thinking, and tools of analysis they are taught are also extremely valuable in the context of a law firm or a global business enterprise."


William J. FlynnWilliam J. Flynn, former Mutual of America executive, advocate for peace in Ireland

"IWP emphasizes having a good understanding of international realities, ensures that its students understand the basic principles of American political life, and works to instill the understanding and practice of ethical conduct in its students."


Laura GeneroLaura Genero, subject matter expert for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

"There are so many worthwhile charities, and everyone is asking for contributions. I prefer to give to organizations that will make good use of the funds that I give to them and are good stewards of donors' money. I am very confident that IWP is an excellent steward."

Steve FauselStephen A. Fausel, Director of The Fausel Foundation, CEO of Fausel Companies

"The Fausel Foundation... so strongly supports the IWP not only because of its unique and excellent academic program but also because of its people and thus its leadership. In the end we fight for those persons and principles that we love and the IWP will create a human factor, a wonderful crop of bright and correctly educated people who will fight for us all."


Shirley CarrollShirley Carroll, IWP volunteer and mother

"It's a tremendous place, and I think it's wonderful what they do for the students and for our nation's security."
Shirley Carroll is the inaugural member of IWP's 1947 Club.


Amb. Barbara BarrettAmb. Barbara Barrett

"America's global political acumen will be decisive to our future in this interconnected world. No facility in the world prepares students for internat ional political leadership as precisely or as well as The Institute of World Politics."


John CastleJohn Castle, CEO of Castle Harlan, Inc.

"IWP is providing something extremely valuable and necessary, and it does a great deal with very limited resources. So often in the modern world, you can give a lot of money, for which you get very little... And a little goes a long way at IWP."



CohensKen and Cheryl Cohen

"We feel it is important to support IWP because the work it is doing is so unique, yet so fundamental to our country's continued existence. IWP is training leaders and those who want to protect our freedom, giving them the essential knowledge, history, and methodologies to accomplish work in statecraft and national defense that no other entity does.... Without understanding the goals and methods of our enemies, how are those in statecraft and government ever going to be able to protect us?"
- Cheryl Cohen, CEO of the LOOC Foundation


DeJoy Family at 2010 Gala_220Louis DeJoy and Aldona Wos

"IWP's focus on history and ethical and moral conduct of statecraft that is based on an appreciation of American founding principles is truly the foundation for our future leaders. It is at IWP that students learn to defend our freedom with strength of character, statesmanship, and uncompromised National Security."
-Amb. Aldona Wos 


John LovewellJohn Lovewell

"I was attracted to the mission of the Institute by John's comprehensive vision of statecraft as crucial to national security. And the intellectual foundation, based on traditional values of Western civilization, has great appeal to me."
-John Lovewell