The Arts of Statecraft

The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school of national security and international affairs.

What Makes IWP Unique

IWP teaches all the instruments of statecraft — diplomacy, military strategy, opinion formation, public diplomacy, intelligence, counterintelligence, economic strategy, and the principles of leadership — the coordinated use of which can improve national security while reducing the potential for war.

This curriculum is complemented by an emphasis on American history and founding principles, the critical importance of moral leadership, and a realistic appraisal of the global strategic environment, as taught by the nation’s leading faculty of scholar practitioners.

July 12th Open House for Prospective Students

Join us for a cocktail reception to learn about our unique graduate programs in the areas of national security, intelligence, and international affairs.


Latest News

The tragic cycle of genocide denial has returned: This time, Nigeria

July 12, 2019 By Matthew Daniels

The Age of Terrorism that is now upon us has proven to be the greatest modern challenge to the legitimacy of all governments and international organizations who claim a commitment to human rights. Nowhere is this more evident today than in Nigeria, where terrorist violence and mass slaughter by Islamist groups are reaching genocidal proportions. When President…

Dr. Daniel Ahn discusses the economic impact of targeted sanctions

July 12, 2019 By Marguerite Eftimiades

On February 15th, 2019, The Institute of World Politics hosted a talk with Dr. Daniel P. Ahn, advisor to the U.S. government, senior advisor at the Rapidan Energy group, and Lecturer at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Dr. Ahn presented his findings in a lecture titled “The Economics of Targeted Sanctions” and introduced…

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