About IWP


Welcome to The Institute of World Politics, a graduate school founded to fill a major national need: to supply professional education in statecraft, national security, and international affairs offered nowhere else.

By teaching all the arts of statecraft and how they are integrated into national strategy, we emphasize the development of a capacity to think strategically.  We believe that when governments resort to force, it is often a sign of the failure to use the many non-military instruments of power effectively.

Here, the study of statecraft rests on a foundational curriculum of selected liberal arts that, today, are seldom mastered sufficiently for purposes of successful professional work in the most dangerous and sensitive functions of government.

A key element of our philosophy is our concern with character development: specifically, the cultivation of those personal and civic virtues that are optimally suited to producing the moral and ethical conduct of our nation's highest public policy priority - national security.

It is a cornerstone of our curriculum that one cannot effectively defend a country and civilization that one neither fully understands nor appreciates. In a nation where all who are responsible for the defense of our country must take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, patriotism is an absolute requirement for the profession. The question, then, is whether that patriotism is to be primitive and tenuous or well informed and morally ordered.

The Institute of World Politics is dedicated to the education and formation of the next generation of leaders who understand the harsh realities of the world and who are fully intellectually and morally equipped to defend our country and civilization - men and women committed to a cause greater than themselves.

John Lenczowski
Founder and President