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The Institute of World Politics’ Board of Advisors (BoA) is an externally focused, engagement-oriented group of IWP friends seeking to advance the IWP mission.  The Chairman of the Board of Advisors is an IWP Trustee so that continuous alignment between the two Boards is maintained.  The Chairman convenes BoA meetings and crafts its Agenda in conciliation with members of both Boards, as well as IWP senior staff.  The BoA provides advice and support to the IWP staff on matters they deem important.  Advisors bring creative ideas for IWP improvement, as well as personal introductions to the attention of senior staff.  Advisors help improve:

  • IWP Development
  • IWP Alumni Engagement
  • IWP Student Enrollment
  • IWP Partnerships
  • IWP Chapter Engagement in selected communities.

BoA members are appointed by the IWP Board of Trustees for four-year terms.  Terms may be renewed by a vote of the full Board of Trustees.  Semi-annual BoA meetings are held every October during the Chancellor’s Council Meeting week and every May in conjunction with IWP’s Spring Commencement.  BoA meetings are often preceded or followed by a meal with selected IWP Trustees, students, faculty, alumni, staff, partners, and/or donors.  BoA members are asked to hold annual membership in the IWP Chancellor’s Council at the Eagle level [$1k] or Guardian level [$5k].  That said, some Advisors give in-kind contributions to IWP in the form of unique professional experience and advice.

Advisors are recruited in accordance with the unique professional expertise they can offer IWP.  The Board of Advisors’ main focus today is the establishment and expansion of IWP Chapters in key American communities.  IWP Chapters offer two annual civic education programs.  Prospective Chapter members and guests include:

  • IWP Parents
  • IWP Students
  • IWP Prospective Students
  • IWP Alumni
  • IWP Prospective Donors

Service on the IWP Board of Advisors is voluntary.  Those who have the time to serve actively on the Board are invited to attend semi-annual Board meetings in person, or via Zoom.  Advisors whose work or personal obligations do not allow them to actively engage will be considered “Honorary” Advisors.  These IWP friends have generously agreed to lend their good name to the Board’s membership in support of our Mission.  For both forms of engagement, we are sincerely grateful.

Current members of the IWP Board of Advisors

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