“IWP’s mission is aligned with Assumption in that it is dedicated to the pursuit of ideas and to preparing students to become effective leaders in a chosen field. The unique curriculum will allow our students to complement their liberal arts education with specialized, in-depth training in the fields of international affairs. Upon graduation, they will be equipped to make a difference in fields that are of great importance to our country.”
-Greg Weiner, Ph.D., provost and academic vice president of Assumption College

Located in Washington, D.C., The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school of national security, international affairs, and intelligence studies.

IWP and Assumption College signed a partnership agreement in 2020. The two schools work together to prepare leaders for our nation’s national security, policy, diplomatic, and intelligence communities.

Benefits for Assumption College students and graduates:

  • $2,200 scholarship per semester for M.A. students, if accepted within IWP admissions guidelines
  • Does not preclude you from additional merit-based scholarships
  • Early Assurance – Apply on (or after) April 30th of 3rd year of college
  • Retroactive for Assumption College alumni
  • Assumption students have the option of participating in IWP’s internship program

About IWP Admissions

“Assumption’s strong emphasis on thoughtful citizenship creates a natural affinity with IWP’s mission to educate moral leaders who can think strategically. IWP recognizes that Assumption students are intellectually prepared to continue the pursuit of truth and reason, both in the graduate programs at IWP, and within the fields of diplomacy, policy, national security, and statecraft. We are thrilled to embark on this partnership and to welcome more Assumption students and alumni into the IWP community.”
-Danielle Shover, IWP Director of Graduate Recruitment