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“What appealed to me about Kings Point is similar to what appealed to me about IWP: the scholar-practitioner faculty.”
Rich Laszok, IWP Class of 2020 and Kings Point Graduate

Located in Washington, D.C., The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school of intelligence studies, national security, and international affairs.

IWP has partnered with the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York to create a two-week internship program and an Award for Excellence in Cyber Statecraft.

Internships for Kings Point Midshipmen

“My Cyber Intelligence Internship with The Institute of World Politics was a rewarding experience. I learned so much about cyber security needs and the importance it plays in the world. I really appreciated everything that was done to ensure the internship was as rewarding and enriching as possible.”
– MIDN Samantha Hunt 2/C, Cyber Intelligence Intern with IWP, Fall 2020

“As an officer in training for the US Merchant Marine, there were many real-life applications that I was able to make with the information from Professor Billingsley’s Cyber Strategy Development course with respect to the state of the Maritime Industry.”
– MIDN Anthony Lund, 2021A, Cyber Intelligence Intern with IWP, Fall 2020

“Through the discussions we had in the class [Peace, Strategy, and Conflict Resolution], I am now more knowledgeable about some aspects of statecraft. This knowledge will help me to better understand some of the diplomatic decisions that the United States makes and how they will affect me as both an officer as well as a merchant mariner.”
– MIDN Matthew Beisswenger, Intern with IWP, Summer 2021

Above: Midshipman Dean Williams of the Merchant Marine Academy interned at IWP in November 2017.

This two-week internship is designed specifically for Kings Point Midshipmen. Internship participants have the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Participate in IWP classes
  • Tour educational and historic locations in and around D.C.
  • Attend IWP events and external conferences
  • Receive private briefings with IWP instructors

Read more about the experiences of Kings Point interns at IWP:

Award for Excellence in Cyber Statecraft

The Institute of World Politics Cyber Intelligence Initiative (Ci2) has partnered with the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Cyber Studies program to present the Award for Excellence in Cyber Statecraft. The award will be presented to an outstanding midshipman who has demonstrated superior excellence and initiative in cyber statecraft studies.

Past recipients include:

About IWP IWP Admissions

Above: CAPT Chris Glass Sr. USN (Ret.), who was at the time serving as IWP Senior Vice President for Professional Affiliations, and LT Chris Glass Jr., USN, USMMA class of 2011 and IWP class of 2018, with Midshipman Jacob Davis, USMMA class of 2019 recipient of IWP’s annual Cyber Statecraft Award to an outstanding graduate of Kings Point.