The Institute of World Politics is a private graduate school.  Its campus is protected by copyright.  The Institute reserves all rights to the reproduction, public distribution, public display, and usage, in any medium, of representations of The Institute of World Politics, our campus, and our events, including but not limited to photography, video, and artistic renderings. Any publication or public display of any such image of the Institute, whether in whole or in part, is subject to the prior written approval of IWP.

IWP reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises or to reproduce photographs taken on campus.

During Your Visit

Still photography is permitted for private, non-commercial use only.

Usage Permissions

Public access provided to IWP premises for the purpose of making photographs does not imply approval of their publication. The terms of approval for publication are to be agreed upon in writing between photographer or publisher and IWP representative prior to any publication.

Requests for permission to reproduce photographic images of IWP in the form of products for resale and requests for other commercial photography are to be addressed with Tricia Lloyd, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Commercial photography includes instances wherein there is an actual or intended exchange of money or favors for the use, usage rights, ownership, or copyright of images created in any form or medium.

Requests to use photographs from the IWP’s photography archives may be made when the appearance of such an image is beneficial to IWP. Please make such requests via e-mail to Lloyd@iwp.edu.


For members of the press, permission to photograph or film IWP events may be given.

Access to areas not normally open to the public must be scheduled in advance, and a designated member of IWP’s staff must accompany the photographer. Access to certain areas of our campus premises at certain times may be restricted without notice as required to ensure the safety and convenience of IWP students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

A designated member of the IWP staff must be present if any equipment other than hand-held camera and lighting are to be used. Tripods and/or freestanding lighting equipment may create a safety hazard or impede efficient traffic flow during our events, and approval for their use and placement is at the discretion of IWP staff.


The Institute occasionally retains independent freelancers or professional volunteers for photo and video assignments.  Unless otherwise stated, copyright ownership for images created during such assignments remains with the Institute.

Other Requests

Requests by individuals or groups wishing to take posed photographs on our campus for personal use or events not otherwise directly associated with the Institute are not granted.


For press and other special photography inquiries, including film and video projects, please contact Tricia Lloyd, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Lloyd@iwp.edu or 202-462-2101.