Doctor of Statecraft and National Security

The Doctor of Statecraft and National Security (Professional) (DSNS) is a degree tailored towards national security professionals, as opposed to those who wish to pursue a teaching career. In contrast to most Ph.D. programs, it avoids extreme specialization in favor of a broad-gauged understanding of the integrated use of the instruments of national power to achieve the ends of policy.

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Master’s Degree Program

The Institute’s curriculum has six major components, including the study of: the various elements of statecraft, history and culture, American political philosophy, the Western moral tradition, economics, and moral leadership. Read more

The Institute currently offers five Master’s degrees:

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Certificate of Graduate Study

The Institute awards students a Certificate of Graduate Study upon successful completion of 20 credit hours (five courses) in one of the following areas of specialization: American Foreign PolicyComparative Political CultureConflict PreventionCorporate StatecraftCounterintelligenceCounterterrorismCyber StatecraftEconomic StatecraftHomeland SecurityIntelligenceInternational PoliticsNational Security AffairsNonviolent ConflictPeace Building, Stabilization, and Humanitarian AffairsPublic Diplomacy and Strategic InfluenceStrategic Communication; and Strategic Soft Power.

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Academic Programs for Defense & Intelligence Leadership

IWP has partnerships with the United States Naval War College, the United States Army, and agencies in the intelligence community.

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Continuing Education & Auditors

Students have the option in enrolling in individual courses for credit or as auditors.

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