Commencement 2013IWP and the U.S. Army

Under  the provisions of Advanced Civilian Schooling, the U.S. Army has approved and recognized three Master’s programs offered by The Institute of World Politics (IWP):

IWP is a regionally accredited (Middle States) graduate school of national security, intelligence, and international affairs in Washington, DC, as meeting the requisite requirements to the Army’s mission for the professional development of its officers corps.

About IWP

IWP is an independent, stand-alone, on-site graduate educational experience designed to foster a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of statecraft — i.e., the use of the various instruments of power in service of national interests and purposes — based on knowledge and appreciation of American political philosophy and the Western moral tradition.  The faculty consists of 30 scholar-practitioners who deliver Master’s programs in Strategic Intelligence Studies, Statecraft and National Security Affairs, and Statecraft and International Affairs.  Graduate certificate programs are also offered as part of the general curriculum.

In addition to officers completing M.A. programs, the Institute has housed senior Army War College fellows and draws portions of its student body of 150 individuals from other branches of military service, NGOs, defense contracting firms, and a variety of government agencies.

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About our Master of Arts Programs

M.A. degrees require 52 credits and may be completed in 18 or 24 months, depending on the outside demands on the officer’s time. It is recommended, whenever possible, the 24-month option be pursued to allow for further academic enrichment and interaction of the program, with the various professional networks of the IWP faculty.

Interested officers should consult with their local commander and appropriate assignment officer at HRC for approval to participate in the 18-24 month graduate school (M.A.) program in Washington, D.C.  Qualified officers are accepted into any one of three terms: fall, spring, and summer of each academic year.  Interested personnel are also expected to meet the stated admissions requirements of the Institute in order to receive full consideratino under this program.

For more information, including admissions guidelines and entrance dates, please visit our admissions section.

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