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IWP LibraryInstitutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

1.     Students will develop a broad understanding of the sources and development of current major national security and foreign policy challenges facing the United States;

2.     Students will demonstrate detailed knowledge in one or more specific areas of study;

3.     Students will develop a deeper understanding of all the instruments of statecraft and how to use and integrate them strategically and ethically;

4.     Students will understand the nature of the Western Moral Tradition and the founding principles of the American system and their relevance to current statecraft;

5.     Students will recognize the importance of different political cultures, the ideas and belief systems that animate them, their forms of statecraft, and their foreign policy purposes; and

6.     Students will become effective communicators with well-developed reasoning, writing, and rhetorical skills.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Degree Program PLOs

Certificate PLOs

Grading Rubrics

IWP has standard grading rubrics for written presentations and oral presentations:

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