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Arabic Language Study

About Arabic Language Study at IWP

Palm trees and sun In today’s globalized world, Arabic language has become critical for those who are interested in doing business abroad and traveling in the Near Middle East where an estimated 400 million people speak Arabic. Moreover, Arabic Language is important for understanding the cultural, social, political, economic, and religious aspects of the Arab and Muslim World.  Muslims all over the world — about 1.6 billion — use Arabic language in their daily prayers.  Arabic language is also vital in understanding the ongoing complex political dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Arabic is one of six United Nations official languages, and political analysts view it as one of top languages in the world.  In addition, the US Department of State considers it as a critical language.

IWP offers the following Arabic language courses:

IWP 940 – Beginning Arabic I

IWP 941 – Beginning Arabic II

IWP 942 – Intermediate Arabic I

IWP 943 – Intermediate Arabic II

IWP 944 – Advanced Arabic I

These courses may be taken as a part of IWP’s Continuing Education Program.

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