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Certificate in Statecraft (Online)


The Institute awards students this Online Certificate of Graduate Study in Statecraft upon successful completion of the four-credit core course and 16 credits (equivalent to four four-credit courses) in one of the areas of specialization.

All courses listed below will be conducted entirely online using asynchronous, previously-produced material (such as recorded lectures or interviews).

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Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic terms, concepts, history, theories, and geography related to international relations.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of their chosen field of study.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to assess arguments, identify logical flaws, and obtain supporting or corrective information.
  4. Students will demonstrate the use of clear, effective, and persuasive communications.


Required Core Course (4 credits)

Specialization (16 credits)

In addition to the Core Course, students in this certificate program must also select one of the following specializations:

Specialization in Intelligence 

Specialization in Defense Studies

Specialization in Non-Military Conflict

Specialization in National Security Affairs

Specialization in Public Diplomacy and Strategic Influence 


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