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Executive Master of Arts in National Security Affairs

One year to complete with full-time student status; part-time study also permitted

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The Executive Master of Arts in National Security Affairs is a concentrated version of the M.A. in Statecraft and National Security Affairs and is designed for professionals with seven to ten years of relevant work experience.

The curriculum provides a comprehensive study of the development and implementation of national security policy. It is particularly valuable for professionals who have worked at the tactical and operational levels who need to master the national strategic level of analysis.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic terms, concepts, history, theories, and geography related to national security policy, implementation, and process, including resource planning and budgeting.
  2. Understand how the various instruments of statecraft, with special consideration of geopolitical and economic factors, apply to U.S. national strategy.
  3. Make an informed assessment of foreign threats facing the United States with emphasis on a particular region or area of study.
  4. Appreciate the principles of Western moral tradition as applied to national security and foreign policy.

Required Courses

Students in this program may be enrolled full-time (9 or more credit hours per semester) or part-time (less than 9 credit hours per semester), but must complete the degree in five calendar years or less. After successful completion of all coursework, each student will be required to pass a one-hour oral examination and a three-hour written comprehensive examination.

“[Studying at IWP] has been among the best decisions I have made so far.”

Mohammad Shafiq, (’17), Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and former Deputy Senior Advisor to the President of Afghanistan

Admissions Criteria

The Admissions Committee evaluates each application for this degree with a focus on professional experience and leadership, ultimately assessing how your professional experiences have given you an extensive understanding of one of the elements of statecraft. This includes your individual and unique qualifications in the following:

Professional Background

The breadth and depth of your professional experience, your level of management responsibilities (e.g., strategy, operations, etc.), career progression and demonstrated leadership. The Executive MA applicant must have 7-10 years of relevant experience.

Integrated Intellectual Capabilities

Your potential to succeed academically as demonstrated through your academic record, letters of recommendation, professional experience, and understanding of intelligence, national security or international affairs at an integrated, strategic level.

The Admissions Committee seeks candidates who are considered high-potential leaders who have the desire to enhance the formulation and conduct of American national security policy.

“I cannot estimate how much I have changed since coming to IWP.”

Piotr Trabinski, (’18), Alternate Executive Director with the International Monetary Fund


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