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Professional Master of Arts in Statecraft and Strategy (Online)

Eighteen months to complete with full-time student status; part-time study also permitted

This online degree is designed for professionals with five to seven years of relevant work experience in the national security community. It provides a comprehensive study of the theory and practice of national security policy, process, and implementation, both in historical and contemporary perspectives. Significant attention is directed toward vital current policy issues as well as understanding foreign cultures and the practices of foreign powers.

Students in this program may be enrolled full-time (9 or more credit hours per semester) or part-time (less than 9 credit hours per semester), but must complete the degree in five calendar years or less. After successful completion of all coursework, each student will be required to pass a one-hour oral examination and a three-hour written comprehensive examination.

All courses listed below will be conducted entirely online using asynchronous, previously-produced material (such as recorded lectures or interviews).


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At the time, I was working at the Pentagon, and my IWP studies complemented my work very well. It was a great program.

Bella Grabowski (’23)

Program Learning Outcomes 

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic terms, concepts, historical facts, theories, and geography related to foreign and national security policy and strategy.
  2. Integrate the various instruments of statecraft, with special consideration of geopolitical and economic factors as they apply to U.S. national strategy.
  3. Make an informed assessment of the statecraft of foreign powers as well as the main geopolitical and ideological currents that contribute to the political and military struggles of the modern era and their impact on U.S. and foreign behavior.
  4. Appreciate the principles of the American founding and the Western moral tradition as applied to national security and foreign policy.
  5. Exhibit detailed knowledge on a U.S. national security or foreign affairs specialization.


Core Courses (20 credits, all required)

Choose One Specialization (16 credits)

Specialization in Intelligence

Specialization in Diplomacy and Strategic Influence 

Specialization in Defense and National Security 

Admissions Criteria

The Admissions Committee evaluates each application for this degree with a focus on professional experience and leadership, ultimately assessing how your professional experiences have given you an extensive understanding of one of the elements of statecraft. This includes your individual and unique qualifications in the following:

Professional Background

The breadth and depth of your professional experience, your level of management responsibilities (e.g., strategy, operations, etc.), career progression and demonstrated leadership. The Professional MA applicant must have 5-7 years of relevant experience.

Integrated Intellectual Capabilities

Your potential to succeed academically as demonstrated through your academic record, letters of recommendation, professional experience, and understanding of intelligence, national security, or international affairs at an integrated, strategic level.

The Admissions Committee seeks candidates who are considered high-potential leaders who have the desire to enhance the formulation and conduct of American national security policy.

Admissions Process

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