Take the Next Step in Serving Your Country.

Apply your military background at a graduate school dedicated to preparing veterans for careers in national security and international affairs. IWP offers a comprehensive, serious approach guided by seasoned professionals who have done what they teach.

About IWP

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About IWP

Welcome, Veterans.

At The Institute of World Politics, we are proud of our military and veteran community. We thank you for your service, and we are glad that you have chosen IWP to continue your professional education.

Like you, we are dedicated to the defense of our nation. We are proud of IWP’s many veteran and active duty students and alumni, including officers who are now Generals, and we truly value the experience our students from the Armed Forces bring to the IWP classroom.

Veteran Benefits at IWP

Academic Benefits

IWP offers professional graduate programs in international affairs, national security, and intelligence. Students study in small classes with faculty who have done what they teach.

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Financial Benefits

IWP will waive the application fee for applicants who are veterans or who are serving in the military.

IWP administers a number of education programs directed towards active duty military personnel, veterans, and dependents. The benefits for each program will be based upon certain eligibility requirements outlined at the link below.

Financial benefits for Veterans

Financial benefits for military spouses and dependents

The Institute has designed its Yellow Ribbon offering to allow eligible veterans to attend our Master’s Degree program on a full-time basis, with no out-of-pocket tuition costs.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Professional Benefits

IWP Career Services is dedicated to your career success. We will help you advance in your career, whether you continue in the military or pursue a civilian career.

IWP Career Services

Military Friendly School 2021-22

Serving our Military Students

A Letter from our Chancellor

Our Founder, President Emeritus, and Chancellor, John Lenczowski, has a message of gratitude for all of our Veterans:

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Points of Contact

Service members should contact the following staff members to address their registration/counseling, financial aid, and career services needs:

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Richard Laszok ('20) Former Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps

"What appealed to me about Kings Point is similar to what appealed to me about IWP: the scholar-practitioner faculty."

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Kipp McGuire ('18) Former Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps

"IWP broadened my field of vision drastically... I had the time and opportunity to sit down and read, really study, some of the things that were going on in Iraq and Afghanistan while I was there as an enlisted Marine."

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Christian Myles ('19) Former U.S. Army

"The Institute of World Politics leads the way in developing those seeking to serve in international relations or the various national security career paths. Its uniqueness stems from its emphasis on the American founding principles and Western Moral Tradition, which provides a solid basis for understanding what one will defend and promote over the span of a career in the civil service."

Joshua Drusbacky ('19) U.S. Army

"If you are enlisted, take a look at the Georgetown Hoya Battalion’s ROTC program, because it gives you the opportunity to become a commissioned officer while studying at IWP."

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Greg Abide ('18) U.S. Army Captain

"The education we have received at IWP has prepared us well for success beyond the walls of the institution. We were instilled with the importance of applying a realistic and clearly defined strategy when approaching the challenges of the world, as opposed to utopian, idealistic solutions, which fail to achieve their objectives because they are ill-defined or unachievable."

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Andrew Harris ('17) U.S. Army

"One of the expectations of this school is that you are going to become leaders at some point."

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Nate Ginty ('16) Former U.S. Navy

"I liked the idea of learning from practitioners who have sat in the seats that I aspire to one day. There wasn't one professor I didn't respect or didn't like in any of my classes."

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Drew Duncan

"I was ecstatic when I discovered IWP's partnership with the VA to implement the GI Bill's Yellow Ribbon Program. My remaining costs for the semester were covered through this program, personally saving me over $2,000. IWP is undoubtedly dedicated to veterans in all facets of its operations as an institution of higher learning."

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Rob A ('13) Former U.S. Air Force Intelligence

"IWP gave me a lot to think, read, and write about. Another great aspect was the percentage of active-duty and veteran students, which gave a sense of connection and community."

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Holly Harris ('13) U.S. Army Major

"The critical thinking and analytic skills within the Institute of World Politics BSAP program will serve me well in the future."

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Samantha Moyer ('13) Former U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst

"I think I have a broader understanding now of the workings of the whole of government, and what happens when there is no viable strategic vision."

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Adam MacAllister ('13) U.S. Army Infantry Officer

"The school does such a great job of teaching the different arts of statecraft. Until you have an idea about all these capabilities, you won't be able to develop a coherent, complete, and fully integrated strategy."

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Katie Crombe ('12) U.S. Army Captain

"I cannot believe how much I have learned in only nine months, and how much I did not know about the world before beginning this program. I wish I had many of these lessons before my deployments. They would have been helpful."

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David Pate ('12) U.S. Army Captain

"This school has grown me up a lot, and helped me develop an inner sense of self. I don't think you can get that anywhere else. I'm really grateful for this place."

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At the Institute, we prize scholar-practitioners on our faculty and student-practitioners in our classrooms. The presence here of current servicemen and women and veterans has educated many people in our student body about the realities and the dangers of the profession of arms.

-John Lenczowski, Founder, President Emeritus, and Chancellor