Lieutenant General J.T. Thomson, U.S. Army

“My fellowship at The Institute of World Politics was a professionally enriching experience that continues to provide valuable insights in the areas of national security, statecraft, and public diplomacy in today’s complex, dynamic and uncertain world.”
Lieutenant General J.T. Thomson, U.S. Army
IWP Senior Service College Fellow, 2008-2009

Katie Crombe

“I cannot believe how much I have learned in only nine months, and how much I did not know about the world before beginning this program.  I wish I had many of these lessons before my deployments.  They would have been helpful.”
LTC Katie Crombe, U.S. Army (’12)
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John Walsh

“I really wanted the opportunity to work with faculty members who had actually done national security work. The program really helped gel together a lot of my experiences. I’m glad I did it. It was deeply fulfilling.”
John Walsh (’19)
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“Using my Post-9/11 GI Bill® on IWP’s Master’s program was the greatest decision! The smaller class environment is extremely conducive to learning and building lifelong connections for a future in national security. Most importantly, IWP is understanding of military commitments and works with you closely to make sure you’re able to reach your education goals.”
Beth Allemond (’21)
First Class Petty Officer, United States Navy Reserves

“What appealed to me about Kings Point is similar to what appealed to me about IWP: the scholar-practitioner faculty.”
Richard Laszok (’20)
Former Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps
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“A lot of times, professors and students at IWP also have a prior service background… The education here provides a foundation for anything that you could possibly want to do in intelligence, national security, or the diplomatic realm.”
Joshua Drusbacky (’19)
Army Officer and Analyst for the U.S. Government
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“The Institute of World Politics leads the way in developing those seeking to serve in international relations or the various national security career paths. Its uniqueness stems from its emphasis on the American founding principles and Western Moral Tradition, which provides a solid basis for understanding what one will defend and promote over the span of a career in the civil service.”
Christian Myles (’19)
Former U.S. Army

Greg Abide

“The education we have received at IWP has prepared us well for success beyond the walls of the institution.”
MAJ Gregory J. Abide U.S. Army (’18)
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“IWP broadened my field of vision drastically… I had the time and opportunity to sit down and read, really study, some of the things that were going on in Iraq and Afghanistan while I was there as an enlisted Marine.”
Kipp McGuire (’18)
Former Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps
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Andrew Harris

“[IWP] is one of the best educational experiences available if you are (or aspire to be) a national security professional in either a civil or military capacity. What I got from IWP continues to pay dividends in my career.”
MAJ Andrew Harris, U.S. Army (’17)
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Nathan Ginty

“I liked the idea of learning from practitioners who have sat in the seats that I aspire to one day. There wasn’t one professor I didn’t respect or didn’t like in any of my classes.”
Nate Ginty (’16)
Former U.S. Navy
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Jeff Brewer

“Dr. Streusand’s Geography and Strategy and General Jajko’s Military Strategy courses both provided an opportunity to explore the Marine Corps’ operational and even strategic role as force projector throughout the world and especially in the Pacific, and how our ability — with the Navy — to control or influence geographic features in the world’s commons is essential to American relevance in all regions.”
Jeff Brewer (’14)
Intelligence officer with the U.S. Marine Corps
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Holly Harris

“The critical thinking and analytic skills within the Institute of World Politics BSAP program will serve me well in the future.”
MAJ Holly Harris, U.S. Army (’14)
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“I think I have a broader understanding now of the workings of the whole of government, and what happens when there is no viable strategic vision.”
Samantha Moyer (’13)
Former U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst
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Rob A

“IWP gave me a lot to think, read, and write about. Another great aspect was the percentage of active-duty and veteran students, which gave a sense of connection and community.”
Rob A (’13)
Former U.S. Air Force Intelligence
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“The course of study at IWP under scholar-practitioners is timeless, important, and consequential. It is so important that you can’t not take this journey.”
LTC John Rose, U.S. Army (’09)
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