“What appealed to me about Kings Point is similar to what appealed to me about IWP: the scholar-practitioner faculty.”
Richard Laszok (’20)
Former Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps
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“The Institute of World Politics leads the way in developing those seeking to serve in international relations or the various national security career paths. Its uniqueness stems from its emphasis on the American founding principles and Western Moral Tradition, which provides a solid basis for understanding what one will defend and promote over the span of a career in the civil service.”
Christian Myles (’19)
Former U.S. Army
“IWP broadened my field of vision drastically… I had the time and opportunity to sit down and read, really study, some of the things that were going on in Iraq and Afghanistan while I was there as an enlisted Marine.”
Kipp McGuire (’18)
Former Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps
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“I liked the idea of learning from practitioners who have sat in the seats that I aspire to one day. There wasn’t one professor I didn’t respect or didn’t like in any of my classes.”
Nate Ginty (’16)
Former U.S. Navy
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“I think I have a broader understanding now of the workings of the whole of government, and what happens when there is no viable strategic vision.”
Samantha Moyer (’13)
Former U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst
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“IWP gave me a lot to think, read, and write about. Another great aspect was the percentage of active-duty and veteran students, which gave a sense of connection and community.”
Rob A (’13)
Former U.S. Air Force Intelligence
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