Student & Alumnus Profiles

  • Andrea Kiser

    Human Rights Advocate, International Justice Mission

    "IWP offers focused degree programs and a variety of professors who provide individualized assistance to tailor academic interests into a plan to graduate as a subject matter expert."

  • David Leffler

    US Marine Corps

    "IWP's program had a no-kidding approach: this is the way the world works, and here is your toolset to address it."

  • Nathan Ginty

    Veteran, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Presidential Management Finalist

    "One of the great things about IWP is the freedom to engage in civil discourse even when you don't see eye-to-eye with professors."

  • Kristopher Klaich

    Founder, Innovato LLC

    "IWP classes weren't pushing an ideological point of view, but was a measured point of view based on years of experience. It was a very different take than I'd been used to."

  • Robert Turner

    Telecommunications Professional

    "I knew attending IWP would be a useful experience, and helpful to my career...but it far exceeded my expectations, and proved to be much more interesting and beneficial than I had imagined."

  • Paris Michaels

    U.S. Airways Pilot

    "Often, the student sitting at the left or right of you is somebody who is already in intelligence or public service."

  • Major Holly Harris

    Fellow, White House Office of Management and Budget

    "The critical thinking and analytic skills within the Institute of World Politics BSAP program will serve me well in the future."

  • Anonymous

    Nationally recognized Middle East consultant

    "Every course I took at IWP has had a great deal of influence on my outlook and analysis of events."

  • Samantha Moyer

    Contractor for the military and intelligence communities

    "It has been a wonderful experience learning from such accomplished yet humble people."

  • David Ray Pate

    Army Officer

    "This school has taught me the importance of having a core of beliefs, and of ruling oneself with reason and prudential judgment."

  • Josh Davis

    Intelligence professional, counterterrorism operations

    "I can safely say almost every class at IWP has helped me in various ways so far in my career."

  • Robert

    Department of Defense Director of Security Operations

    "Having an intelligence degree has given me more perspective on the threats that are out there and the mindset of our adversaries."

  • William Stiles

    Secret Service Intelligence Analyst

    “I took many intelligence-related courses at IWP... The area knowledge I gained at the Institute has also been very valuable."

  • Nicholas

    Contractor to the State Department

    "I looked at a lot of schools that had national security and/or intelligence programs... IWP's faculty with real world experience convinced me to attend."

  • Brendan Steinhauser

    Founder of Steinhauser Strategies

    "I want to make an impact locally and in my state, and help others become state senators, representatives, and governors. I will continue to employ the things I learned at IWP."

  • Eerik Marmei

    Ambassador of Estonia to the US

    "When I went back to Estonia, I became the first ever U.S. Desk Officer in the Estonian Foreign Ministry."

  • Derrick Shaw

    Commander, 1st Cavalry Division Band

    "I think it's important that we are aware of the bigger picture no matter what our job is... We are all part of this grand strategy. That's where I think IWP comes in."

  • CW Walker

    Federal Solutions Manager - Threat Intelligence

    "My IWP studies absolutely impact how I approach my profession. Understanding the intelligence life cycle has been an important key to success in all my roles."