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The IWP NSW Fellows Program for SEAL/SWCC Active-duty and Veteran Service Members

In recognition of the Navy Special Warfare Veteran community’s contributions and sacrifice, The Institute of World Politics has established the IWP Naval Special Warfare Fellows program for NSW active-duty members & veterans.


Operators have served our country at the tactical level, executing missions whose scope was focused and whose objectives were clear. But what was the overarching foreign policy behind the mission? How was it crafted? What were the strategic thoughts, the debates, and the decisions that facilitated sending operators into action? 

IWP trains aspiring and practicing national security professionals in the arts of statecraft, diplomacy, and strategic thinking. As an IWP NSW Fellow, an operator will learn to assess, analyze, and craft solutions at the strategic level. In the classroom, Fellows will add invaluable insight into discussions with graduate students who might one day make policy decisions affecting future operators. Finally, by joining the IWP community, IWP NSW Fellows join a family of patriotic Americans and students from the U.S. and allied nations who support each other throughout their respective careers. 

The Institute of World Politics ( is pleased to offer:

Application Deadlines

(Note: Both full scholarships for 2024 have been awarded. Now accepting applications for 2025.)

  • 2025 Spring semester:  applications must be completed by November 15th, 2024.
  • 2025 Summer & Fall semesters: April 15th and August 10th, 2024 respectively.

For more information, please contact:  Christine Balling, Senior Vice President of Professional Affiliations at