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Chancellor’s Council

The Institute of World Politics has set a course to help change Washington DC for the better. With our unique approach in hand, our friends and alumni are currently engaged in various capacities affecting the future of the nation. In the course of applauding their efforts, it is good to remember and honor the circle of benefactors who make everything we do possible.

We show our gratitude by welcoming these friends to the Chancellor’s Council. This community of donors is offered an intimate view of the workings and success of the Institute and is provdied an opportunity to leave their mark on this remarkable school.We offer our alumni special opportunities to join: Before the age of 35, alumni donating $300 are welcomed. After age 35, alumni donating $1,000 are welcomed. Please click here for a detailed breakdown of the benefits of becoming a member of the Chancellor’s Council.

Revolving Scholarship Fund

Through the generosity and dedication of various contributors, the Institute has established a Revolving Scholarship Fund for outstanding students with financial need. The Fund, which supports several IWP scholarships, depends heavily on the future financial contributions of all scholarship recipients. Whether through regular donations (however modest) or through introducing the Institute to potential benefactors, all scholarship recipients are requested to contribute to the Fund when and as they are able.

To learn how to contribute, contact

Friends of the Library Program

Friends of the Library are a group of supporters of the library at The Institute of World Politics who are dedicated to enhancing the library as a center of learning and research. Friends of the Library obtain borrowing privileges at the  library.  Alumni can join the program by giving a $300 donation to the library. Please contact Dmitry Kulik at for more information.