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El Salvador´s foreign minister hosts IWP professor at inauguration

IWP Annenberg Professor J. Michael Waller was the personal guest of Salvadoran Foreign Minister Francisco Lainez at the June 1 inauguration of President Elias Antonio Saca.

Waller is well-known in El Salvador for his pioneering studies of the political warfare strategy and tactics of the FMLN communist guerrillas during a decade-long war that ended in 1990.

Delegates from 81 countries, including eight presidents, attended the inauguration of President Saca. Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of President George W. Bush, headed the official U.S. delegation, joined by Commerce Secretary Donald Evans and Ambassador Otto Reich of the National Security Council.  

Waller met privately with Saca the evening before the inauguration. Though not part of the official U.S. delegation, Waller was seated with the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of China and the personal representative of Japanese Emperor Akihito.