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IWP begins its final stage toward accreditation

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSACHE) has invited the Institute of World Politics to begin the final stage of its academic accreditation process.

“In June 2004, the Commission acted to accept the semi-annual interim report submitted by the institution and the consultant’s report, and to invite the institution to initiate self-study,” MSACHE says in its most recent Statement of Accreditation Status. Self-study is the last step IWP must take toward accreditation.

IWP received “candidate for accreditation status” in 2003. When it launched its Master’s degree programs in 2000, the Institute became eligible to apply for independent academic accreditation with MSACHE..

According to MSACHE, “An institution may become a Candidate for accreditation when it it legally chartered to conduct degree-granting educational programs and the Commission is satisfied with its plans and resources to implement them. Once accepted to candidacy, institutions submit semi-annual interim reports to the Commission and are visited twice yearly by designated consultants who perform a two-fold function – appraising the institution’s progress and simultaneously providing counsel and assistance.

“A new institution becomes eligible for evaluation after one class has been graduated, when it has completed self-study and had the benefit of outside advice as to its readiness. A longer established institution attaining Candidate status is eligible for the appraisal and evaluation process as soon as it appears to be ready.”