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Rep. Hyde receives IWP honorary degree

Rep. Hyde receives IWP honorary degree

“Democracy is not just a set of rules on how we sue each other. Democracy is not only a procedure, but it has real moral context.”

That’s how House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hyde began his October 1 commencement address at the Institute of World Politics, where he was presented with an honorary degree (see photo). Rep. Hyde strongly has advocated for principled US involvement in the world.

In his words, “Political vacuums, like natural vacuums, are going to be filled. Absent a vigorous defense of freedom, freedom’s foes will take the initiative.”

“We believe that human rights are universal,” said Rep. Hyde.  “And we will work with the friends of freedom to advance the prospects of a world in which those universal human rights are acknowledged in life and protected in law. Yet our commitment to universal human rights does not make us ‘imperialists.’ We have no ambitions to rule others. We also know, however, that the world does not rule itself. And we recognize that history has thrust the United States into a role of international leadership that we ignore at our peril, and at the world’s peril.”

Click here for the House International Affairs Committee news release on Chairman Hyde’s speech.