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Prof. Carnes Lord of US Naval War College lectures October 28

Professor Carnes Lord of the US Naval War College lectured at a special three-class seminar here about “The Psychological-Political Instrument of Statecraft.”

The seminar was for a combined session of the Strategic Information Warfare, American American Founding Principles and Foreign Policy, and Integrated Security Strategy: Principles and Process classes on October 28. 

Dr. Lord is a Professor of Military and Naval Strategy in the Strategic Research Department of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies at the US Naval War College. 

He served as director of international communications and information policy on the National Security Council staff (1981-83) and as assistant to the vice president for national security affairs (1989-91).

Dr. Lord has taught political science at Yale University, the University of Virginia, and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, was a distinguished fellow at the National Defense University from 1991-93, and was director of international studies at the National Institute for Public Policy.

His books include The Presidency and the Management of National Security (Free Press, 1988) and The Modern Prince: What Leaders Need to Know Now (Yale University Press, 2003).