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Prof. Tierney’s new book dissects ‘anti-war’ movement

Are the professionally-organized anti-war protests a reaction to the invasion of Iraq or to the Bush administration in general, or is there more than meets the eye?

Professor John Tierney, Jr. takes a behind-the-scenes look in his newest book, The Politics of Peace: What’s Behind the Anti-War Movement?, just published by the Capital Research Center.

Exploring pacifist and “anti-war” movements throughout recent American history – and making distinctions between the two protest phenomena – Dr. Tierney focuses on the individuals and groups who lead and coordinate the demonstrations, orchestrate media stunts, network across the Internet, and provide the organization and direction to what he describes as a permanent, full-time cadre of professional operatives.

Through his research he draws a startling pattern of a small number of people devoted to aiding and abetting the enemy, both during the Cold War and today, while using well-meaning citizens to provide the unwitting bodies to fill the streets and TV screens.

The Politics of Peace is so new that it isn’t yet available for sale.