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PBS NewsHour: Prof Sokolski on Iran & North Korea

Date: May 2, 2005

On PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, IWP Adjunct Professor Henry Sokolski discussed US options for stopping nuclear proliferation to and from North Korea and Iran. The program aired on May 2, 2005. Dr. Sokolski concluded that only regime change would solve the North Korean proliferation issue, arguing that international pressure still can stop Iran’s nuclear proliferation and weapons program.

May 2 started a month-long review of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty as diplomats from more than 180 countries convened upon the UN. The conference was put together to review and perhaps modify the 1970 nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Sokolski discussed the conference and the nuclear challenges posed by Iran and North Korea.

He told Jim Lehrer, “In the case of North Korea, you have a case in which a country has signed up to the rules, the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, clearly violated it and been found to be in violation, pulls out and does so with impunity.”

“It is thumbing its nose at the sustainability of the NPT, or the nuclear nonproliferation treaty if some action isn’t taken to tighten up the way in which people can leave the treaty with impunity.”

“In the case of Iran, it not only is a matter of them wanting to insist on rights but they would rewrite the treaty to make it possible for all sorts of other nations to come within days of having bombs by making nuclear fuel like they do.”