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Brig. Gen. Walter Jajko joins IWP as full-time professor

A longtime adjunct professor of military strategy is now with the Institute full-time.

Retired Brig. Gen. Walter Jajko USAF (Ret.) is now Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Fellow and Professor of Defense Studies. His two-year term as DARPA Fellow began July 5.

Gen. Jajko has a distinguished career that spans military strategy and intelligence. He served many years with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, was assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight, was director of the Special Advisory Staff at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, and served as long-range planning chief at the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. From 1998-2002 he was a Defense Fellow at IWP. He holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. from Columbia University.

Gen. Jajko’s published works include studies and commentaries on European security, information operations, intelligence and deception. He presently teaches Military Strategy: The Art of War.