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IWP professor on BBC the night of London bombings

On BBC radio’s “Five Live” program in the United Kingdom, Professor J. Michael Waller discussed the morning’s terrorist bombings in London and said that democratic societies are paying the price for their too-tolerant attitude toward Islamist extremism at home.

He said that the British government’s fear of being called racist prevented the necessary actions against extremist networks and their operatives inside the UK, and had the unintended effect of allowing the terror support base to flourish in London and other cities. He also argued that Spain’s response to the March, 2004 subway bombings in Madrid – in which the Spanish electorate ousted their pro-U.S. government and chose socialists who bowed to terrorist demands by pulling out of Iraq – validated the terrorists’ new political propaganda model and encouraged the London attacks.

Dr. Waller predicted further attacks in other countries, including the United States and UK.