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It’s official: Institute of World Politics receives accreditation

In a letter to IWP President John Lenczowski, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) stated that on June 22 it acted to grant accreditation to the Institute through the years 2010-2011.

Accreditation follows years of preparatory work, self-study, consultative work with MSCHE, and policy adjustments. According to MSCHE, accreditation “attests to the judgment of the Commission that an institution has met the following criteria:

  • that it has a mission appropriate to higher education;
  • that it is guided by well-defined and appropriate goals, including goals for student learning;
  • that it has established conditions and procedures under which its mission and goals can be realized;
  • that it assesses both institutional effectiveness and student learning outcomes, and uses the results for improvement;
  • that it is accomplishing its mission and goals substantially;
  • that it is so organized, staffed, and supported that it can be expected to continue to accomplish its mission and goals; and
  • that it meets the eligibility requirements and standards of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.”For IWP’s official statement on accreditation, click here.