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Investor’s Business Daily cites IWP’s Lenczowski

In an article on post-911 intelligence reforms, Investor’s Business Daily cites IWP President John Lenczowski, who created one of the first intelligence and counterintelligence programs of any private graduate school.

The September 7, 2006 article, “Intelligence Reform Shifts Organization But Reviews Mixed,” concludes that the US has a long way to go before its intelligence and counterintelligence capabilities are up to the job of defending the nation against new enemies.

What follows is an excerpt from the piece by IBD correspondent Brian Mitchell:

“John Lenczowski, president of the Institute of World Politics, says the intel community should concentrate more on finding secrets.

“‘The CIA is not a policymaking organization and it shouldn’t be, but they end up doing by default a lot of policy analysis and research that really ought to be done by the people who are making the policy,’ Lenczowski said.

“The president’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board once played a greater role in offering impartial advice, he says.

“But instead of different opinions, the 2004 reforms aimed to give the president a more unified assessment, via the Director of National Intelligence.

“The reforms were also supposed to break down barriers between agencies.

“But they may have just added a layer of bureaucracy between intelligence professionals and the policymakers in the administration.”