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CQ reports the good reason why Prof. Kelley wasn’t in ‘Breach’

The producer of the movie “Breach” said he wanted to include IWP Adjunct Professor Brian Kelley in the movie – but that if he did, Kelley’s amazing story would overshadow the plot.

It certainly would, Congressional Quarterly reports in a profile of Kelley’s gut-wrenching ordeal when the FBI, refusing to believe one of its own could ever be a traitor, tried to pin Kelley as the spy who turned out to be Robert P. Hanssen.

“For 21 months beginning in 1999, the FBI pursued Kelley like a modern-day Inspector Javert, the rancorous detective of ‘Les Miserables,’ CQ reports.

“FBI agents followed Kelley around, tapped his phone, and eventually, stymied by a complete lack of evidence, even harassed Kelley’s ex-wife, children and parents with hissing, mistaken accusations that the man they loved was a Russian spy.”

CIA Director George “Slam Dunk” Tenet never stepped forward to defend his own officer. The U.S. Senate had to force the FBI to issue what amounted to an apology. Kelley was reinstated at the CIA, his name cleared.

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