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TV station says IWP prof should have been in ‘Breach’ movie

“No one plays Brian Kelley in the new movie about FBI traitor Robert Hanssen – but someone probably should,” Washington’s WUSA-TV reports.

IWP Professor Brian Kelley retired earlier this year as a top CIA counterintelligence officer. He left government service with his career and reputation restored after FBI bunglers had hounded him for years, suspecting him of being the Soviet mole who was really one of the FBI’s own. The U.S. Senate had to force the FBI to apologize to him.

“The film ‘Breach’ has dredged up some horrible memories for an innocent man,” WUSA says.

Kelley says FBI teams tailed him 24/7 for 2 years. “I had every keystroke here (at home) and in the office captured. Every telephone conversation here and in the office captured.”

Kelley, who teaches Case Studies in Counterintelligence Operations at the Institute, says he hopes the FBI has learned from its mistake. “A lot of people will learn lessons on how you shouldn’t do things.”

Says WUSA, “The CIA put Kelley back to work at Langley after Hanssen’s arrest; but it took Senate intervention to force the FBI to offer any kind of apology for what it had done to an innocent man.” Click here for the video.