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3 professors write in AFIO’s ‘Intelligencer’ journal

The latest issue of The Intelligencer, the journal of US intelligence studies published by the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), features articles from three IWP faculty members.

Brig. Gen. Walter Jajko USAF (Ret.), IWP’s Professor of Defense Studies, uses the expected change of strategy in Iraq as a gateway to discuss the need for recalling “elementary truths and realities about war and strategy.” His article is titled, “Strategy: Back to Basics.”

In “National Interest versus National Security? The Case of Iraq,” Professor of Economic Statecraft Norman A. Bailey describes how the Iraq debate illustrates “once more the prevalent confusion over the concepts of national interest and national security.” US leaders often confuse the terms, he argues: “In the case of the Iraq war, intelligence failure was the element that caused the miscalculation between national interest and national security.”

Finally, IWP Professor of History Marek Chodakiewicz comments on newly discovered historical material from World War II in his review of Intelligence Co-Operation Between Poland and Great Britain Dring World War II, vol. 1: The Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee (2005).

The Intelligencer is available only to AFIO members, and is not distributed in electronic form. Click here to inquire about becoming a member of AFIO.