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Fox News: Dr W speaks of French rioters on O’Reilly Factor

French rioters were the subject of Professor J. Michael Waller‘s guest comments with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. The May 9 segment on the O’Reilly Factor concerned the alliance between Islamist extremists and left-wing militants who have been destroying property, looting, and burning automobiles across France since the May 6 election of Nicolas Sarkozy as France’s new president.

For the video of the interview, click here.

Waller and O’Reilly discussed Germany’s recent crackdown on left-wing militants suspected of plotting terrorist attacks against the upcoming G-8 summit, ties between Islamist terrorists and American left-wing activists, and the streamlined internal security processes that Germany and France enjoy. O’Reilly also mentioned Waller’s new book, Fighting the War of Ideas like a Real War.