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IWP’s Gadson recognized by medical organization

 Faith Hill and Greg GadsonOn November 6, 2009, IWP Army Senior Fellow Col. Greg Gadson spoke at the Partnership for Military Medicine Symposium, where he was introduced by country singer Faith Hill (pictured at left).  Gadson described his experience in the Army’s Warrior Transition Brigade in Iraq, where, a year or two ago, he lost both his legs and 70 pints of blood. Gadson has been testing the latest technology in prosthetic knees, and now can even walk up stairs (story here.)

Since then, he has been inspiring hope in other wounded service members, and even gave an inspirational talk to the New York Giants. He was named the 2008 Hero of the Year by Reader’s Digest, and will be a recipient of the NCAA’s 2010 Inspiration Award.  Most recently, on Saturday, November 7, Gadson spoke about the Fort Hood Shootings at a “Celebrating Our Nation’s Heroes” presentation inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame theater in Canton (story here).

Col. Gadson is currently an Army Senior Fellow at IWP, where he will be studying intensively for a year, and will gain an education that will serve as the full functional equivalent to an Army War College education. At the Institute, he will be exposed to all the instruments of statecraft and international relations, and will gain from interactions with IWP’s diverse faculty and their many professional experiences.