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IWP terminology is catching on quickly.  Recently, IWP President John Lenczowski’s metaphor for the “orchestra” of instruments of national security appeared in a quotation by a U.S. military official in the Washington Post.  The columnist, David Ignatius, quotes an unnamed military commander:

“‘It’s like all the instruments in an orchestra,’ says a U.S. military commander of the different parts of the battle plan. ‘You have to know how to play them together.'”

And today, IWP alumnus Joe Duggan was quoted in the “A Word A Day” section of the website concerning the use of the word “obscurantism”:

“Jeane Kirkpatrick possessed the rare gift of being able to write subtle and challenging studies of international politics and to formulate strikingly simple and apt phrases to cut through obscurantism.”
Joseph P. Duggan; Jeane Kirkpatrick Set a Very High Bar; St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri); Dec 18, 2006.

Mr. Duggan is currently working in the Middle East.  Below, he is pictured with his wife and Guriyan Al-Hajri at a wedding in Ain Dar in rural eastern Saudi Arabia.

Duggan in Saudi Arabia